Show #362: Oh No, He’s Loose in the Building

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This show also known as: Dinosaurs Were a Hearty Folk, Dave

You know it’s a slow week when all we got to talk about is Super Street Fighter IV, but I really feel that piece de resistance is digging up 11 year old mediocre games like Dino Crisis.

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Welcome to the bottom of the barrel.

  • Christ, I feel old now, I remember when this game got released over here in the UK and some stupid parents tried to get this banned saying it was giving there kids nightmares or some crap like that.

  • Tim

    The SNES ver left Guy out. The later games had him in them.

    He went to prison after Final Fight, and from what I’ve heard, he let himself be taken in for a crime someone convinced him he was responsible for, and he just broke out once he figured out the jig.
    Not that THAT makes much sense either.

  • Onomarchus

    Next VG podcast better be on Dino City!

  • They released Final Fight Guy on SNES which was just the same game as the original Final Fight except they replaced Cody with Guy.

  • Zero-chan


  • Heidi

    You probably got added when people have scrobbling turned on in It adds anything you play in windows media player to your library.

  • Dave

    Internet people don’t have names.

  • Frenchman

    Not everyone’s username can be Dave, or TheJoel.

  • Mitch Dyer

    Way to clarify your having-of-a-name BY WRITING YOUR EFFING HANDLE HEID—I MEAN ZERO-CHAN

  • Juri is an original character working for Seth’s organization thing. Maybe you were thinking of Juni? The other cammy clone?

  • …Yes, yes you were. xD;
    This teaches me from giving running commentary on podcasts I’m listening to -right now-. >_>;

  • Eze

    Dino Crisis 2 is definitely the best in the series. I love the “brick” hands they have that are made all the more obvious by playing it on a bigger tv. A cheap graphics…they just made games so much tastier since they forced you to use your imagination.

  • The Joel

    I love that DC2 had a gun that let you shoot electric clouds that you could run through while they hung in the air. Tiny dinosaurs not so much.

  • Big Winters

    Super Street Fighter 4 will have Ibuki in it (apparently), as well as a new character called Hakan who is, ‘obsessed with oil’, way to go Capcom.

    That and theres also a return of the classic competitor from Third Strike, in glorious HD, The Car!

    And some minigame where you destroy barrels, as well.

  • Heidi aka Person Who Did Not Use A Handle Because It Is Essentially Useless When No One Here Knows Me Anyway

    Thanks Mitch

  • Dave

    He was actually talking to Zero-Chan, whose name is also Heidi.

  • David

    Hey Dave and Joel, been a long time listener and finally decided to post on the site, this episode made me laugh so hard i nearly crashed my car during the Oh No he’s loose in the building…
    Thanks for the good laughs guys and keep it up ^_^

  • Heidi

    Oh cool, it’s a somewhat unusual name so i assumed… >.>