Show #361: Hey Tiger: WHAT’S UP?!

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This show also known as: We Had Problems With The Normal Sized Tiger

We’re thankful for Bayonetta and League of Legends, but probably not Sword for Truth.


This show is about:

We had Extraneous Thanksgiving. Shit Was Ballin’

  • trashed

    I love Thanksgiving…

  • I’m totally thankful for Fast Karate and the community that has been listening to two guys just talking and riffing on anime and vidyergaems. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

  • It’s kind of funny how you guys are reviewing pretty much everything that got released as part of bargain line over here in the UK.


    I’m not sure if I should be enticed or terrified by that turkey

  • I don’t get it. If Samurai are tougher than gangsters, why do they need a sword to take out a tiger? I thought a punch was all it took.

  • MC Walker

    Fast Karate is like peanut butter pie; absolutely delicious, but nauseating in large quantities. I basically had to split this one into two episodes to get it down, but I enjoyed every minute.

  • Thetalkingcoin

    How would peanut butter pie ever be bad? It’s made of peanut butter!

    I like the mystery of this episode. Where’s Graz getting back from? Her family’s place? likely! But where’s that? It might be in Italy for all we know! But they don’t celebrate thanksgiving over there, so why WAS she there?

    Also, what’d you folks manage in WoW? I wanna jump to the conclusion of Algalon.

  • Dave

    We beat heroic northrend beasts (10 man). Not a huge accomplishment, but that fight was a total pain in the ass.

    Tonight we beat Firefighter. Algalon is wide open for us. :D :D :D

  • tommy d

    That’s a nice Turkey, but mine had a duck and a chicken in it when we cut it open.

  • Omiyage!

    I thought turkeys usually ate grain…

  • Frenchman

    No extraneous thanksgiving gallery this year? :(

  • I’m very thankful for Fast Karate. You guys should be on NPR or something like that… didn’t someone say you two are like the Car Talk of anime and video games?

    Also, yeah, I’d love to see a thanksgiving gallery of foods and merriment.


  • MC Walker

    Yeah, there’s definitely not enough rape and murder jokes on public radio.

  • Tyree

    ^^ Truer words have never been spoken..

  • Yeah, probably this was the best ‘cast you’ve done in a while. I think your ninja episodes are the best.

  • wayintothe7thart

    See this movie late night and love it, but I got a few things to say about it:
    1. The ending credit and Anime News Network say it made in 1990, 3 year after Ninja Scroll.
    2. While wacthing the tiger killing the soldiers. I was thinking “this is why you should have guns”, then they got the guns.
    3.One thing that bothered me about the movie is that blood was black when it flying out like someone throwing ink or sand. It no cum blood, but it make no sense seeing that he was able to turn people into liquid later.
    4. If you gonna have villain watch this movie. They bad ass beyond look, they think ahead, they don’t talk to you for 10 minutes about them plan that you can stop in time, and they don’t die so easy (unless it against the main hero).
    5. Seeing this and Sword of the Stranger got me wanter to see more Martial Arts movie. In the age of hundreds animation titles a year. Martial arts are few and far between, unluck it DBZ clones. If Japan or other country just make more straight fighter anime or cartoon, everthing be a little better. Until that happen, I just have to dust off there Fist of the North Star and Kawajiri videos I got.

  • I agree.

  • AL

    The live action blood movie was ok except for the weird CG blood. We thought it was just the demon blood at first and then realized it was not and it just looked really bad.

  • Karl

    I liked Sword for Truth. You can pretty much guarantee that everyone else hates it for some reason or another though.

    I’d concede that it’s not Osamu Dezaki at anywhere near his best.

  • Maur

    No one mentions how awful the animation in Sword for Truth was?

  • Eze

    THe animation in Sword for Truth is awful.