Show #360: Just Roll It Up, Eat It Sub Style

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This show also known as: What’s The Measurement In Soldier Of Fortune Bullet Clips?

Dragon Age: Origins basically consumed my life, but it’s over now. Pretty good. Ending sort of sucked. Also Left 4 Dead 2 came out and it’s as good as expected.

Also, when Joel says Mugnum, he’s referencing a beautiful Resident Evil 2 typo. I couldn’t find an image of it on Google because searching for “mugnum” just gives you results for “magnum.” THANKS SMART SEARCH.

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I’m glad there’s a game where this exists. Be thankful I didn’t put up the Broodmother picture.

  • If all the anonymous hypocrites disappeared from the Earth tomorrow, the internet would practically cease exist.

    Someone on Modern Warfare 2 threatened to drink that kid’s milkshake, so he had to quickly drink as much milkshakes as he could; That video has so much hidden depth to it.

  • yanmaman

    man let me join the games YOUR playing. i cant go five seconds without getting a hunter on me

  • yanmaman

    that or a jockey man i hate those jockeys

  • xblackmacyver

    i remember one time i was super bored and watched 119 episodes of naruto before i decided it was garbage. in english dub at that. but anyways l4d2 was completely worth it. every penny. even without pre-ordering it. or buying a 4 pack

  • David

    When you want to google a misspelled word, you can prefix it with a plus: +mugnum

  • yanmaman

    gotta agree with you macyver worth every penny

  • Stumbled onto this and thought it would tickle your collective fancies, enjoy the quote-fest.

  • yanmaman

    please dont kill me. but i suppose you have to. lol thank you jewish ninja you made my early morning

  • Wingzrow

    Did you guys ever review ninja nonsense? I’m pretty sure ADV released it and it’s got Norio Wakamoto voice acting one of the main characters. Fairly short series too at 12 episodes.

  • Sugar-Chan

    The ‘magic box puzzle’ you speak of is called a Kootie Catcher. I can still make those. I was the only person in my Senior class that could. People tried to talk crap about me, but then they would come back and ask me to let them do it, or for me to make them one.


  • fight da powah

    I can’t wait to hear what kind of crazy food you guys had for Thanksgiving. Did you guys stuff your turkeys with bacon?

  • Wingzrow
  • Moctobot

    Did you stuff your CORNBREAD with bacon? Because that’s what I did.

  • xblackmacyver

    did you not have bacon with your thanksgiving? cause thats what I had to suffer through. -_-