Show #359: I’M NOT GOIN’ BACK

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This show also known as: You’re not clapping hard enough, co-pilot!

Black Magic M-66 has a robot that explodes into a hail of bullets and poison gas. Assassination target status: still alive?


This show is about:

Our friend. Not a racist stereotype.

  • Onomarchus

    I love it when the new episode and pictures go up with some of the old text left behind. Somehow I don’t think a sign saying “Danger Poison Gas” can be accused of racism. Well, not sanely anyway.

  • Sugar-Chan

    You were right about the left ear. I thought that my headphones broke, and I almost tossed them out. Luckily I waited until the end of the podcast to do so. If it wasn’t for the stinger I would have been out of my baby pink Skull Candies.

    Stingers, informative and hilarious.

  • Nick

    Oof, test them with something else first.

  • It’s fixed.

  • Tim

    Haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but I must comment that I love this animation for being mindless action silliness and completely free of the wierd stuff of later stuff.

    And it’s called Black Magic because that’s the name of the series it comes from. It’s a sci-fi fantasy comic that takes place on a far past venus. It’s completely unrelated to anything else in the story as far as I can tell.

    Oh, and Which of your friends is deadly poison? I must know!

  • Tim

    Oh, and there WAS an African Gundam in G. Zebra Gundam.
    Not that it’s notable in the show… Or much worse than Lumber, Viking, Zeus, or Tequila…
    Oh, and Pharoah.

  • The Joel

    That Gundam makes Tequila Gundam look like an after school special on diversity.

  • Hong Kong Phooey

    Yeah, Pharaoh Gundam looks ok. Zebra Gundam….not so much. Pretty much looks like Zulu Warrior Gundam to me. Was the pilot’s name Chaka, per chance? Or *tongue click* *tongue click* Be-lay?

  • wayintothe7thart

    A restaurant when you can eat in bed, is it called the itis?!? Boondocks references aside, next to what Jeremy say about the manga mixed which the PARMESAN CHEESE of the late 3 Terminator project, I fine it to a good Terminator rip-off. It not great, but it get the job done. + I love the main character, I would love to see a series about her misadventure than anything.

    P.S. more dark skin chink in anime

  • wayintothe7thart

    Oh! I mere chick.

  • wayintothe7thart

    I mere chick.

  • Dave

    Calling the main character of this show a “dark skinned chick” is reaching.

  • yanmaman

    I guess zebra gundam could be worse just think what would have happened if g gundam was made in the LATE 90’s we would have the american gundam be gansta rap gundam or obesity gundam. you know it wouldve happened given the oh so lovable japanese

  • I thought the reason they were programed to kill the granddaughter was because the Grandfather’s assistant changed the target to her because some terrorists kidnapped his family or some bull like that.

  • wayintothe7thart

    (to Lee Sands) You right it were the assistant. I don’t remember if that the reason.

  • anonymous

    Do more anime shows, if you want. :)