• “It Will Be A Birthday Party Of Blood.” Is that a sequel to “There Will be Blood?”

  • “Yeah, I killed some kids, feel pretty bad about it, gonna sit in this cage until I die :(”


  • Astra

    What SRW lacks in depth of strategy it makes up with quality of animation compared to other SRPGs.

  • Walt

    Since you guys are huge gamers you may like this product, the Buttkicker. It brings killing and blowing things up to a whole new level. Even movies are amazing. If you ever get chance you should check one out.

  • I’m totally gonna get me some Riddick goggles, wear ’em with my “The Fourth Doctor” scarf and my PVC Matrix overcoat. Sweet.

  • Dave

    If I see you like that, I will perform a citizens arrest.

  • If you see me like that, please perform a citizen’s execution

  • Nick

    That’s legal in 49 out of 50 states.

  • No, you don’t get a werewolf party member. =P
    You just get the werewolf race to join the “army” at the final battle against the archdemon.

    You only get… *looks at guide* 9 party members, and a 10th that replaces one if you choose to recruit him.

    And one of the 10, is DLC only (one of the EA codes that you get with a new copy of the game. 15$ value.)

    2 rogues. (both are bisexual. =O)
    2 mages (1 is the best healer in the game.)
    4 warriors
    ….and a dog. =D

    You can also have the difficult opportunity to get a foursome going on in the game at one point.

    One of the rogues (Zevran) is really flirty and easy to lay. XD

    Haha. But yeah.. no werewolf party member. =(

  • Dave

    But I already have all those people. :( I’m only missing one warrior, I guess.

  • Morio-Kun

    Bayonetta looks like Devil? May Cry 4, Fist of the North Star, and America’s Next Top Modle all did blow and made this game.

  • akeripper

    another milestone of the fast karate you have now made 365 episodes……. so how about some fast karate marathon
    “gets in line”

  • Onomarchus

    Nobody likes a pedant, I know, but this is actually supposed to be episode 356. (I’ll leave aside the debate about whichever previous episode was never actually created and any effect this has on truthfulness in numbering.) Someone just transposed the 5 and the 6.

  • Dave


  • Nick

    Your next goal is to make enough podcasts to fill up every hour of every day.

  • Sugar-Chan

    I had to take an Excel class at my school last year, and continuesly irritated the teacher by singing. She would say ‘This is the borderline of the cell’, and I’d be all like ‘BOOORDERLIINE!’

    I still got an A. B)