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This show also known as: That Could’ve Been Anybody’s Boobs!

The Black Jack OVAs may be less crazy than the movie. But don’t take that to mean that they are NOT crazy. That would discount a virus that makes you explode in blue flame.

Music Selection: Ice Cube doesn’t play videogames. Ghosts of Mars for the PS1 saw to that.

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Tools of the Trade

  • Astra

    those episodes are kind of crazy.

  • Dave

    Not as crazy as GHOST DRAGONS.

  • Jorge

    Osamu Tezuka didn’t create Cyborg 009, that was made by Shotaru Ishinomori :P

  • Dave

    That’s probably not the first time we’ve made that mistake.

  • Jorge

    Its cool tho, your podcast is still a lot of fun to listen to at work

  • I always get shallots confused with scallops, even though the look nothing alike. As for Blackjack, I have yet to see the anime adaptations, but the manga is awesome!

  • Doctor President

    It’s a shame this isn’t on Netflix so I can instantly see it’s amazingness

  • wraith1701

    Great episode guys, but what’s up with the ending? Almost feels like the podcast was cut off short or something…

  • Dave

    That’s how we used to do it.


  • You’re thinking of “fooder,” not a foodie.

  • Kidder

    Isn’t a scallop a type of shellfish and a shallot a tiny onion?


    No I think it’s foodie I remember hearing it on News radio, and my larger friends.

  • Onomarchus

    Two shows now on Blackjack, each with a mention of teratoma, and yet no Venture Brothers reference. Is this good or bad?

  • Short and sweet… You guys still pull out the LOLs.

    Especially the Boo Diddly joke near the end.

  • Maybe you guys should review the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie as a joke?

  • Parkreiner

    oh god, oh god WHY DID I GOOGLE TERATOMA

  • David

    That summer camp guy makes me curious, ’cause Swedes don’t hate the Swiss, those guys are aaall right. It’s those Norwegian bastards we can’t stand!

    Speaking of which, what does it say at the bottom of Norwegian swimming pools? “No smoking”!
    Do you know how to save a drowning Norwegian? No? GOOD!
    Why do Norwegians walk in the middle of the road? They’re afraid of wild flowers!
    One Norwegian said to another: “Did you know that in America, a person gets hit by a car every fifteen minutes?” “Oh my, he must be in pain!”
    A Norwegian couple go to a cottage in the mountains. Upon opening the door: “Oh my, it’s dark in here.” “Yes, the lights must have been turned off a long time!”
    Heard in a Norwegian bus: “At which end of the bus am I supposed to get off?” “Either. They both stop.”
    Two Norwegian pilots discuss the possibility of flying to the sun. “I think it would get too hot.” “No, we’d be flying at night!”
    Why don’t the Norwegian eat pickle? They can’t get their head into the jar.
    What do you call a Norwegian bus going off a cliff with three empty seats? A tragedy!

    (Truth be told, this rivalry is pretty much nonexistent. It might’ve been something thirty years ago or so, but the only thing that remains are lousy jokes no one tells.)

  • Apsup

    Funny. Those jokes about Norwegians seems to be the same ones that we Finns tell about Swedes, but those are missing all the jokes about how all Swedes are gay.