Show #354: PS: I’m Fat

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This show also known as: Call: Chet Faliszek.

Forget about the Left 4 Dead 2 Demo, we have to have a two minute argument about how to pronounce a retarded achievement.

Music Selection: Ice Cube doesn’t play videogames. Ghosts of Mars for the PS1 saw to that.

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The solution to our energy problems?

  • Cody

    Oh thank you Gods. I was going through Fast Karate withdrawal. Now I’ve got my fix for the day. ajbckjabkajele……….

  • Sweet and now I’ve got the weekend off I can speand it playing Dragon Quest Monsters and listening to Dave And Joel.

  • Morio-Kun

    I miss Louis from L4D1, I will always think of this when we grab pills:

    Although I don’t miss shooting him in the back of the head every time he gets in my way. That’s not racist, is it?

  • Now that you brought it up, it is.

  • Alex

    The custom sound pack was what really made left for dead 1 worth playing (
    and hopefully the new one for the sequel will be just as good.

  • Big Winters

    Sorry Dave, i’m with Joel, it’s pronounced ‘Crowned’

    Also, I have found a highly (possibly) amusing photo for you to look at :

  • This is not rocket science. I know I should stop, because this argument is a waste of time, but it’s just so RETARDED.

    CrOwned is how it is spelled. Oh gee, the ‘O’ is capitalized. What does that mean? Could it mean that we’re meant to pronounce it “Owned”? And what rhymes with “Owned”? CRONE. WHICH IS A SYNONYM FOR WITCH. I DON’T KNOW WHY THIS IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND.

  • Onomarchus

    I think this came up in a previous episode and only in passing in this one, but I think “pwned” should be said “pawned.” To pawn usually implies a) to own something and then b) to sell it cheaply, so being pawned/pwned is the next worse thing down from being owned.

  • Railith

    I think it’s crowned because you shoot her in the head.

  • Dave



    I don’t have a developed opinion on witch killing terminology, but I do love Con Air and Face off dispite glaring quality issues.

    And Bancock Dangerous was horific. When the Cage wasnt doing assassiny thngs he was looking like the Skeezy guy who stands too close behinde you in line breathing heavily, even while in unbearable date scenes

  • Amanda

    You’re all idiots. It is obviously pronounced “crawned” and has to do with crowning a crone with a craw fish. DUH.

  • Omiyage!

    Ha ha ha, this is anime and videogame based, grammer-related podcast drama at it’s finest.

    Play on!

  • Kidder

    Have you guys tried that new Zombie survival FPS called Killing Floor?

  • Arrogance

    Face/Off was great. You guys are crazy.

  • The Joel

    I played Killing Floor. It was meh. I think it’s been discounted severely at this point so if you can’t get Left 4 Dead you could check it out. Left 4 Dead is vastly superior, however.

  • Dave

    I think it’s unfair to compare Killing Floor to L4D, because they’re pretty different games. However, we played a bit of it and didn’t find it all that exciting. You barely know what’s coming at you most of the time, and it’s dead before you realize it. In one match I flamethrowered what I guess was the boss, and he ran away, and then the flame must’ve killed him off screen. We won? Hooray?

  • Kidder

    Lol yeah, I tried Killing Floor last weekend when it was offered on Steam as a free demo. I personally found the game pretty enjoyable. Not quite the same sort of experience as L4D, but I think the leveling and perks system works quite well. Having said that, Dave’s right about the final boss though (called the Patriarch). You can use the same tactic as most ppl use with the L4D Tank and set its ass on fire and run away. With the Tank you need to haul ass to stay alive. With the Patriarch, it seems to take a passive agressive tactic and runs away from you to find a corner to sulk and slowly roast to death…

  • CrOwned is indeed when you kill a Witch in one shot. Why? ‘Cause the internet said so- specifically Youtube.

  • Maur

    This is a pretty retarded arguement.

    CrOwnd = Crown + Owned. Crowning because it is a HEAD shot and Owned because you only need one shot. So it is probably pronounced the way Dave says for that reason but the purpose of the capitalized O is more for indicating the portmanteau than any kind of clever reference.

    This is indeed not rocket science, so I’m not sure why Dave has this obsession (possibly the only one in the world) with it having anything to do with archaic terminology for withered old women.


    Had the achievement been “get raped by a witch” then Dave’s interpretation might make sense, but one has to reason that the achievement is granted for an accomplished action (crowning/owning). So if “crone” has anything to do with the title it is most likely a coincidence or certainly the very least reason for the nomenclature.

  • Maur

    Actually, after thinking about it, it probably has to do with all three reasons since you never really “CrOwn” anyone that’s not a witch…

  • Dave

    Don’t be a retard.

  • DannyRand

    I think everyone is right! Yea!

  • Alex

    so guys that alligator is playing video games now
    what do i do

  • Sugar-Chan

    CrOwn him…

  • Alex
  • Maur

    lol. Guess this will be one of those mysteries like how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop.