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This show also known as: You’re The Only Plague I’ve Ever Loved!

Black Jack: The Movie might be the least crazy thing that has Black Jack in it. And it’s directed by the guy who did Golgo 13!

Music Selection: He was a man to respect. Even though he’s not dead.

This show is about:

I was gonna put a picture of a teratoma, but they are all totally foul as expected. So instead here’s a picture of the sexy doctor from Grey’s Anatomy, who is foul in different way.

  • Man I remember enjoying this movie first time I saw it and laughing my ass off at the Laural and Hardy cameo.

  • Oh Tezuka…you Big-nosed Doctor Robot Man…

  • Tuskus

    Oh, man. You guys have to do a podcast about the Digimon Movie. I know, I know, this sounds like a terrible idea, but it’s actually enjoyably crazy. For example, the protagonists defeat one of the villains by launching denial of service attack to save the internet. And Colorado.

  • Nick

    Which webs?

  • Kidder


  • M.P.

    I like the idea of a Digimon movie podcast, there is a ton of dumb shit that you guys can talk about, like how the main characters push through there computer screens into the INTERNET!

  • Twitch

    and I will use it to say this was a good episode. I love Blackjack (although I haven’t seen the movie yet) and I loved hearing Dave and Joel talk about it.

  • Great episode! My wife can always tell when I’m listening to the show because I laugh hysterically at random times (which is especially funny when she’s watching a show like Intervention or Hoarders on A&E).

  • Yeah the Digimon Movie would make a good podcast especially the part with the bullshit Tai and Sora so-called romance plot.

  • Patrick


    I’ll sometimes listen to the show before bed, and I’ll start cracking up right when my wife’s about to fall asleep.

  • Wingzrow

    Yeah god, what a terrible ending for tai. At least it’s realistic though. Oh and I guess the podcast was good too.

    If dave and joel are reading this, did you ever fix your street fighter 4 controller problem? I ask because i’ve been playing with a USB sega saturn controller I put together for the PS3 and it seems like the perfect controller for you guys.

  • I haven’t listened to the episode yet but noticing a picture of Gay’s Anatomy’s “McDreamy” kinda juxtaposed with Blackjack feels like a win.

    Thanks for all of your awesome podcasts. Been listening since the episode where Dave told the story about buying the Wii a couple of years ago. At first what made me crack up was that Dave’s voice sounded similar to Vin Diesel(complaining about Toys R Us).

  • Dave

    The “problem” was solved by various people making arcade sticks available to us for free/cheap. So we’re good.

    Though I do really like the Saturn Arcade Stick.

  • The Joel

    The saturn stick makes dashing really easy. I remember playing on the Dreamcast arcade stick while Dave played on the Saturn one. I was jealous.

  • Wingzrow

    It made me both re-leaved and angry when i found this out but you know how one of you couldn’t do guide’s ultra because the imput is so hard? Turns out you can just press up instead of up-right when doing it and it still works. yeah, SF4’s moves have all these hidden short cuts they don’t tell you.

    Some of the challenges were damn near impossible without looking some of this stuff up. For example, you can LET GO of a button instead of pressing it to get a move to come out. So now i just hold PPP and keep doing the motion until the guy jumps in and let go of it when I want to hit the guy.

    Here’s hoping they fix some of this stuff for the new version.

  • Maur

    I’m kind of surprised by how many people here have seen this Digimon movie o_O

  • When Saturn stuff started going on clearance, I picked up three Saturn Virtua Sticks at Toys ‘R’ Us for about $15 a piece. I use two of them with my PC and Dreamcast. The third is stashed in my closet, mint in box, in the event that one of my other ones die.

    Now that I think about it, that’s pretty crazy since I’ve been keeping it for over a decade. O_o

  • Maur


  • Maur dude Digimon was big at it’s time. Both that and Power Rangers were pretty much the only things Fox Kids were making money on.


    I forget, was that Beetleborg show good or bad?

  • Railith

    Bettleborgs is not a good show, but I did enjoy it when it was on.

  • Maur

    Yeah, I know Digimon was popular, so was Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh but I didn’t go out of my way to watch their movies. Except for the first Pokemon movie, which I later regretted.

    Cyanide, I choose you!


    @ Maur

    How could you regret that? The Poke-tears bring Ash back, not since the Terminators thumbs up from the molten lava pit have I been so moved.

    Makes me misty even now.

  • Nick

    I see what you did there SPIKE.

  • Dave

    I hate this conversation.

  • Wingzrow

    Hahaha, don’t look at me. I didn’t suggest digimon the movie. If you guys really want to punish yourselves you could here.

    It’s some anime review site and sure enough, M.D. Geist and tekken the movie have around 20% scores.

  • Maur

    @Spike: Had the Poke-tears brought the Terminator back to life, I might have had a different opinion.

    @ Wingzrow: So… no movies get over 70%? I don’t follow. Spriggan got a 69?? Is this a list of worst movies ever?

    I call Shenanigans.

  • The Joel

    I judge all anime reveiw sites on the grade they give Akira. That dude failed.

  • Wingzrow

    To be fair there’s the good version of akira, and the not so good version of akira.

    Anyway, yeah, that’s a link to their worst reviewed anime by score. Thought it might help you guys out. Now if you excuse me, i have a free hat and team fortress 2 to get for free.