Show #352: Ahh-biter?

I’m almost hesitant to post this episode because there’s no creepy sex fetishes in it to stir up the comments

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This show also known as: VZ, You Dumb Motherfucker.

Borderlands is pretty much only fun if you’re playing with another person.

Music Selection: This guy was a master of horror. Then he made Escape from LA.

This show is about:

He says what we’re all thinking, and he does it with a pink shirt. He might be the bravest man I’ve ever known.

  • I’m glad to hear that Borderlands is fun, as well as Uncharted 2. Although, I have to say, vertical split-screen is the absolute worst thing ever.

  • Tyree

    ^^Wait… vertical split screen. In an FPS? That sounds awful.

  • Onomarchus

    Haven’t heard this episode yet. Just wanted to thank you for putting up something, anything to get the last episode–and the comments for it–off the front page.

  • VZ

    I’m just here to say what other anime fans are too afraid to say.

    You guys are afraid of 2D porn. What does it matter what the character ages are they’re fictional.

  • Maur

    I’m pretty sure Joel is afraid of even [b]human[/b] porn, so I’m not sure where you’re going with this VZ :p

  • Maur

    What the frak? test

  • DannyRand

    Maur I think hes going for 200 comments this time.

    Also tagline for the movie: They say video games make you violent. They’re right.

  • VZ

    “I’m pretty sure Joel is afraid of even [b]human[/b] porn”

    I’ve been think that as well.

    Also cleavage that looks like an butt is awesome. WTF is wrong with you guys?

  • Dave

    Do not start this shit again. Nobody wants to hear it. Check your head. You’re not a crusader for free speech because you advocate animated kiddie porn. You’re a creepy dude who lives in his mom’s basement and doesn’t shower.

  • Tim

    Speaking as someone who is otherwise all for people enjoying their porn and cheesecake, kiddy porn = no. 2D or 3D.
    This isn’t a free speech or ‘puritan’ issue. This is the exploitation of the underaged or the simulation and/or glorification of such, and that shit just doesn’t fly.

    Fuck. I had a comment on the actual podcast, but fuck if I can remember it now.

  • Erwin

    VZ please stop at failing to defending yourself :S

  • VZ, please stop trying to act like everyone on here is a prude weirdo. I get that you’re trying to freak the norms, I get it. You’ve been called weird for so long, it’s empowering to say everyone ELSE is the weirdo. Hopefully you’ll grow out of your anarchist youth phase someday and figure out how human beings are actually supposed to behave to one another.

    You like child porn? Fine. I can’t scramble your fucked up brain for you and fix that. I’m into some freak shit myself. What exactly I’m into, I’m not gonna blow your mind/creep you out with. However, I’m not stomping around on comment threads instigating with people who aren’t into my kinks. You know why? Because that’s fucking RUDE. It has nothing to do with society’s morals or values. . . this has to do with common courtesy. You’ve gone from being a creepy pervert to being a fucking DICK.

    I’m going to give you some credit and imagine you’re not just an internet tough guy. You walk the walk in real life. You will talk with almost anyone you meet about how society needs to accept your lust for drawings of little girls. And I bet those conversations, outside of the circle of like-minded “otaku” you hang with, garners you a lot of weird looks. Quickest way to get rid of those looks? Shut the fuck up. I don’t rant and rave to my friends about how they need to accept my fetish because I know that would make them uncomfortable. Do you understand? Some people just don’t want to discuss your sexual preferences or their own, and they have a right to be uncool with that kind of talk. You certainly have some kind of unfortunate right to subject them to it anyways, but anyone with an ounce of social fucking grace would know when to back the fuck off. You don’t, so I’m telling you: Now is the point when you back the fuck off.

    Learn to read a crowd. You’ve talked your shit, people have clearly declared your shit to be gross and uncomfortable, so now you just need to let it ride. You’re not opening any minds. You’re pissing people off and, frankly, making us other sexual deviants look bad. Please just enjoy your disgusting fetish in your own corner of the internet and stop showing up in ours waving your freak flag in our faces. You dumb motherfucker.

    Dropping the mic, and I’M OUT. . . I’m out. . . imout. . .

  • VZ

    OK FINE, I’ll shut up. But first I want to correct you that I’m not a pedo, I do like normal porn just like everyone else but I defend loli and moe because I just don’t like the idea of people telling others what they should and shouldn’t look at. Also most anime female character ARE in their teens.

    I DO NOT support real child porn if that’s what you’re thinking.

  • MC Walker

    In that case it sounds like you’re too eager to whip out the soapbox. Righteous indignation is fun, but saying loli is gross and fucked up has nothing to do with one’s freedom to enjoy it.

  • Sugar-Chan

    In the other 100 some-odd posts on the podcast before, you made it seem as though you enjoyed that sort of thing, to the exent that you would defend it to the likes of people who find it morally abhorrent. If you don’t wish to come across as a pedo, make sure you say something like ‘I advocate free speech, but I don’t necessarily enjoy little girls getting raped’. Then everybody can be square.

    And, if you sit here and throw the fact that we’re bad people for telling others what they should and shouldn’t look at, aren’t you basically doing the same thing? I mean, its whatever, but still…

  • VZ

    “I advocate free speech, but I don’t necessarily enjoy little girls getting raped’. Then everybody can be square.”

    Yes, this.


    So how about that Brett Favre? He’s like old and stuff

  • Railith

    Brett Favre is doing alright. I don’t really like the guy, but I do enjoy the wins he is giving my Vikings.

  • xenomouse

    MC Burnett I’m into some freak shit myself. What exactly I’m into, I’m not gonna blow your mind/creep you out with.


  • jackal27

    Good Lord I love this show… The last episodes comment thread was so epic, I decided to come in and say so. THAT WAS EPIC.

  • Nick

    Xeno said it, now it’s canon.

  • Vincent Wayne Gacy, will you just fuck off already? You fucking post this pedo crap on ToyboxDX, you post it on CollectionDX, you post it on Anime World Order’s threads, you post it on my podcast’s comment threads, and now you’re doing it here? Go the fuck away. No one wants to listen to your shit.

  • Maur

    Damn. VZ gets around (like VD?).

    As for the podcast, is it sad that the only part that I found really funny was when they were talking about the comments of the previous podcast?


  • Maur

    Also I wish there was some way to edit so I wouldn’t have to double post (work your interwebbery Dave).

    MC Burnett is now officially the Sage of the Internets and possibly one of the dopest MC’s on Earth. *bows*

  • Astra

    I hate goddamn honky-ass crackers

  • Alex

    So guys I ended up getting that Alligator.
    The kids played with it for a bit.
    Then I got arrested

  • Sugar-Chan

    Upon watching the first episode of HIMM, I almost completely forgot about the alligator until it made its appearance. I saw it, and was like ‘Uh-oh. Here we go with another adorabley annoying show mascot—AND it’s raping her.’

    I felt bad because I thought it was cute…until the horror started. Serves you right Alex, you damn dirty ape!

  • Calcaneus

    Never really got the loot obsession that most people get, guess that’s what I get for not playing WoW or Diablo. I still wanna try out Borderlands, I just have to convince the two people I know with a PS3 that they want to try it as well.

  • Sugar-Chan

    I think we now owe it to Dave and Joel to give them as many comments as possible on every episode.

    I will do this by saying I am a subs over dubs kind of girl. I’ll watch a dub, have nothing against them, but I prefer my things subbed.

  • Dave

    I have a trick that will avoid your need for a double post every time. It’s not magic:

    Post everything you want to say at once.

  • What we should be discussing is the awesomeness that is the music of one John Howard Carpenter.

  • I’m going to steal your idea of using a box of Strawberry Poptarts as a standard black box

  • Sugar-Chan

    I don’t even know who John Carpenter is. I fear what I don’t know, so I hate him.

  • Lucky

    I’ve always kind of liked dubs over subs myself. I get that people think that subs stick to the source material more, but I feel like having to read the bottom of the screen to understand what is happening takes away from the experience. It’s not like that’s how the creators of the show wanted you to watch it.

  • Railith

    John Carpenter is the man you want to know if you are escaping from New York.

  • Arrogance

    I hate it when I have to skip the whole episode for fear of spoilers. I like that the guys talk about games freely, but as soon as I heard “I’ve been playin’ a lot of Uncharted 2–” I had to skip to the next show on my player. It was The Drunken Gamers at Robot Panic. Have you guys listened to that show? It’s great! They don’t just talk about the newest games, they also talk about older games, from the NES right on up. Right now they’re doing a serial “ZomBOOsical” (zombie musical) that I don’t like (because zombies are stupid), but judging by the popularity of things with zombies in them, you might like it a lot.

    John Carpenter created the Halloween series as well as the distinctive theme for that movie–you’d know it if you heard it. Also, Wikipedia.

  • Maur

    Radical idea, but flawed, because sometimes I remember something I want to say hours later and no one has posted after me :p

    In retrospect, the bit about the friendless co-op player and the opposite of fixing tagline were pretty hilarious.

  • Dave

    I don’t think we talked about Uncharted 2 for more than two seconds. And there’s no spoilers unless you care about hearing about explosive sap.


    Also, I’ve listened to one Drunken Gamers episode. It was the one where they had old EGM editors on and it was all like “THEM BOYS WITH THEIR COLLEGE EDUCATIONS CAME IN AND RUINED EGM! THINGS WAS BETTER BEFORE WE GOT HIGHER LEARNIN” IN DIS MAGERZINE BUSINESS” and I never looked back. Also, everyone knows that there’s only one true drunkgamers. And it’s dead.

  • Arrogance


    That’s fair enough though, now I have something to listen to on my way home from work. All things being equal, if you were interested in Game X and someone you know for spoiling things like that freely began talking about Game X, wouldn’t you silence him?

  • Sugar-Chan

    That sounds like a threat to me, sir…how dare you silence Dave! He is the voice of the masses!

    …if the masses were like 25 people who posted on the forums and in the comments. But dammit, we’re well represented!

  • Dave

    No it’s true. If we’re talking about something it’s probably a safe bet that there’s going to be spoilers.

  • Just wanted to say congrats on 42 comments! Too bad this only happens when a pillar for everyone’s hatred comments on something ;_: Why can’t people show 42 comments of love and praise for our favorite podcast?

  • Westinghouse

    The closing credits theme to Hard Reboot sounds like Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward, who are a completely different group of douches than Linkin Park.

  • Wingzrow

    Doubt you guys will read this but your podcast is the only thing I really listen to when i’m doing house work. That said, I can’t do work without it so make with the one hour podcasts will you?


    – The Internet

  • Sugar-Chan

    OMGZ, OMGZ, OMGZ, do you have any idea how happy I would be with an hour long Fast Karate episode? There’s been a couple, and they’re the ones I go back to.

    I may or may not be the reason why your download count is so high, because I tend to go to the archives and re-listen to a lot of episodes during the week when I run out of new podcasts.

  • I’m still working through the episodes myself. There’s a ton of the older ones I’ve still not listened to.

  • Dave

    You doubt that we’ll ready your comment… on the page where all the comments go… on the show where we talk about reading comments from the previous show…?

  • Dave

    You doubt that we’ll read your comment… on the page where all the comments go… on the show where we talk about reading comments from the previous show…?

  • Maur

    lol, good point, and nice double post. I appreciate the camaraderie Dave.

    As for hour long podcasts those could go either way, depending on the subject matter. I think the 30 min format is fine, keeps it concise and concentrated. Longer casts may lead to rambling or tangents… actually, that’s kind of what happens anyway, but I mean in a bad way. Besides, AWO has the market cornered on long ass podcasts anyway.

  • Kidder

    I’m personally ALL for the tangents from the gents. Walrus Penis from the previous episode? That’s comedy gold!

  • S1licon

    I will get behind the hour long podcasts being great, but I feel the length is more of an effect than a cause of the awesome. If the show is running long it means Dave & Joel got into some heated discussion, probably involving many tangential anecdotes that are hilarious. If they planned every show to be an hour, we’d get the occasional 1:20 podcast and say THOSE were great.

    I’m sure this peters out somewhere, like maybe once they get up to four hours or so. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    P.S. Walrus was scarring, not funny. There’s a difference.

  • Maur

    I like how the deluge from the previous podcast commentary spilled over to this one and now the comments begin their descent to the normal sub-30 levels.

  • Benjamin Bradly

    Gotta put it down I give my props to vagina face the best boss EVER. He’s like the penis head demon because there is no other way to interpret his face other than IT’S A VAGINA.