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Posting this picture of He Is My Master will likely get me arrested.

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Stingrays: They Hate The Gays. Also, ENORMOUS!

  • Tim

    I only read a little bit of the manga series before quitting due to, well, all the problems the series has, and have never seen the anime, but the male character was never expressed as being sympathetic or in the right.

    But yeah, the series is pretty much concentrated stupid, and not in the good way.

  • “Ahh, vag.” – Stan Smith, American Dad

  • VZ

    Christ, does everything perverted offend you guys? It’s just a show. They make stuff like that because it can’t be done in real life.

    If you’re SO offended by what ADV puts out, get stuff from another company.

  • MikeTD

    Leave this place and never come back.

  • Maur

    “Christ, does everything perverted offend you guys?”

    Dave secretly loves the stuff but can’t admit it for fear of getting served by Joel.

  • Dave


    I am offended by shows where fourteen year old girls with enormous tits are raped by alligators.


  • Hearing about shit like this makes me cry. What happened to the days when US companies would release good stuff like Ninja Scroll and Tank Police. I’m sick of wandering into my local video store and finding nothing but crap like this on the shelves.

  • VZ

    “What happened to the days when US companies would release good stuff like Ninja Scroll and Tank Police.”

    The medium’s changed dude. Get over it.

  • Ian

    The medium hasn’t changed. It’s still animated pictures telling a story. When stuff, that isn’t pedophiliac porn is still being made, the type of change that you are referring to hasn’t happened either. A vocal and disturbing fan base has risen and whether or not you want to admit it, it’s not for the better. There’s a reason you can’t make shit like this outside of animation… and I’m not going to explain why.

  • Sugar-Chan

    Its ok. VZ’s just a pederest, its fine.

  • Maur

    “shows where fourteen year old girls with enormous tits are raped by alligators”

    Wasn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse?

  • Maur

    Also I’m torn about how to feel about the existence of such anime. On one hand they bring great shame to our ancestors but on the other this is the most I’ve laughed since DNJ were talking about 24.

  • DM

    fourteen year old girls raped by ALLIGATORS!?!?!?!?!?! HOT DAMN SIGN ME UP…..BRB door

  • VZ

    >Its ok. VZ’s just a pederest, its fine.

    Pederast means loves young boys, dummy.

    I just finish Dancougar, you guys might enjoy that. There’s a torrent with the whole show and OVAs.

    Or Simoun. Watch that.

  • Westinghouse

    I’m torn. On the one hand, I wish I lived in a world where this sort of show didn’t exist. On the other hand, these types of abortions make some of the best Fast Karate episodes.

  • Calcaneus

    “I’m torn. On the one hand, I wish I lived in a world where this sort of show didn’t exist. On the other hand, these types of abortions make some of the best Fast Karate episodes.”

    Solution: Anime like this should just be made for Fast Karate review purposes and burned after the fact. Of course, this may cause long lasting trauma to our hosts, but this is only a small concern.

  • What I wouldn’t give for someone to mail free anime DVDs to me so I could review them for my podcast. Hell I wouldn’t care if they were crap, free crap is still free.

  • Dave

    Spoken like someone who hasn’t seen He Is My Master.

  • Guyalice

    Dave and Joel,

    Thank you for calling crap like this for what it is. I’ve met too many male anime fans who try to defend it, and then get flustered as to why I don’t want to talk to them anymore.

    I reiterate above comments: Thank God for abortions like this so we can listen to you rip it apart.

  • You make it sound like a bad thing I try and avoid these types of anime. Getting pretty sick of seeing nothing but Bleach and Naruto crap at my local video store. I’d try somewhere else but it’s the only store left that hasn’t closed down due to the recession.

  • Omiyage!

    This ep. takes me back to the long ago days of The Dark Spectre of Moe (Ep. 34)…

  • “You can’t have a fucking alligaotr. get out of my house.”

    Best line from Joel since “WE NAME HIM HANABI, HE GONNA BROW UP!”

  • Erwin

    Great podcast guys. It is great to listen but not when i am running if only because laughing while running is a big no no. I am glad someone besides AWO calls He is my Master for what it is. Keep fighting the good fight against Evil/ Moe.

  • VZ

    Now I feel like buying it just to piss off the little moral prudes that populate much of American anime fandom.

  • Dave

    Yeah, man. This show isn’t about child rape. It’s all about FREAKIN’ THE NORMS. Fuckin’ squares! Don’t trust anyone over thirty!

    Seriously though, you’re a troll right? It hurts my heart to believe that someone out there could say the things you say and actually mean it. Seek help. For your mother’s sake.

    She wants you out of the basement some day.

  • DannyRand

    I don’t know if hes a troll. I remeber he wanted y’all to watch some hentai once and also something called Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman.


    I still think VZ is Dave and/or Joel joke posting to get a rise, I have to think that cause I never see thoes types in these parts of the internets and if they have found this place I may just leave the internet.

    I mean if the internet were a place I could actualy be I sleep here at night to get away from the VZ’s crusing the parks in their windowless vans

  • DannyRand

    You might wanna start packing your stuff Spike as VZ totally has a website and Dave and Joel seem way to lazy to go that far for a joke.

  • DannyRand – No that’s just a REALLY bad comedy. A pervertive comedy but not a hentai.
    Or so I’ve heard.

  • Karl

    VZ’s ass is everywhere.

  • Sugar-Chan

    My apologies VZ. I simply made the assumption that you were an equal opportunity rapist, preying on young boys and girls alike….mainly because no sane adult, male or female, would be able to be intoxicated enough to want to have sex with you.

    Anywho, I got scared when I first saw the cover of this, mainly because there’s a little bit of skin showing under the skirt, which is a first for FK.

  • Sugar-Chan

    Hate to double post, but I was reading the wiki on this, and I think this phrase says it all.

    “Pochi likes cute girls and often tries to rape Izumi.”

    Pochi being the alligator…

  • VZ

    The reason shows like this get made is that the only ones buying anime in Japan (and here) are otaku and they’re going to cater to what they want to see. Being that Japan hasn’t been infected with Puritanical notions, they’re going to make shows about 14 year old maids. Am I wrong?

  • Sugar-Chan

    Your absolutely right. Our Puritanical notions stop us from enjoying shows about enslaving 14yr old girls and interspecies rape. Clearly we’re in the wrong.

  • Astra

    If I may be frank, I love this kind of show because I’m a misogynist asshole.

  • xenomouse

    Imagine our Puritanical embarrassment.

  • DannyRand

    My puritanical mind is confused. I thought we were talking about why you would defend this stuff not why it gets made. Puritanical.

  • PerfectWrath

    I saw the cover for the third volume of the manga in a bookstore a while ago. It has what I believe is a five year old girl. They aren’t even trying to hide anything now.

  • Sugar-Chan

    @Astra: So long as you admit it, and don’t actually pay money for it…I can’t very well beat you to within an inch of your life for what you’re doing in your home. I mean, as long as you never leave your home, and I don’t find out where you live via google maps…

    @Danny: He’s defending it because he hates Puritans. Meaning he hates pilgrims. Meaning he hates Thanksgiving. Meaning he hates extraneous Thanksgiving. Meaning he hates Dave and Joel…it all makes sense now.

  • DannyRand

    GASP! It’s a good thing my puritan values keep me from teaching this rapscallion what for!


    Well it’s been a nice run guys and I wish you all the best (accept VZ). I’ve been thinking of taking up hiking maby get my bachelors I don’t know. I’m gonna miss you and net flix, I’ll just cancil my check card I don’t wanna risk going on line to cancil the account.

    And VZ, you’re the reason I cant broadcast that I like anime.

  • VZ

    I dare D&J to review Strike Witches when that gets released next year.

    I like anime as a medium of displaying anarchy.

  • Alex

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going out to buy an Alligator right now. I’ll take it to the park, let it play with the kids.

  • VZ, you dumb motherfucker.

    If looking down on predatory sexual acts perpetrated against minors is Puritanical, call me and the rest of the sane, civilized world John motherfuckin’ Winthrop. Have fun in super enlightened Japan, where of course they’re the most open-minded people in the whole world! They will certainly welcome your foreign ass with open arms and barrels of child pornography. With censored dicks, naturally. Because you can’t show male genitals in Japanese pornography. BUT AMERICANS ARE THE PURITANS!!!!!

  • Frenchman

    I saw over 45 comments and wanted to check out the brouhaha. Turns out just to be CursingL’s alter-ego defending loli. Is that a step up from defending furries? I dunno, is being shot in the bicep better than being shot in the forearm?

  • DannyRand

    We are so close to breaking 50. VZ we need you to come in here and say something totally crazy so we can close in and cinch the big five-O.

  • Maur

    Wow. Westinghouse read my mind… or my comment.

    Double Wow. I thought Dave ended this conversation with his lucid insight on comment #6, but now there’s been 35 more comments since last I checked… Most popular podcast yet?

  • graz

    Ah Japan, a marvelous land, brimming with anarchism and unfettered sexual expression, I know it well! Where the streets are paved with golden sex toys and burning trash cans, oh how I long to return to that wild and hedonistic place.

    Also, don’t mind Astra. We’re pretty sure he’s a high functioning savant.

  • Nick


  • VZ

    Learn more from this guy who’s 1000 ahead of most of the world. I’m done here. You guy’s are twisting my words to sound like I’m a crazed pedo but I’m not. I’m just defending the notion that thoughts shouldn’t be policed.

  • A loli hentai podcast? Yeah great job VZ trying to make us think your NOT a crazed pedo.

  • Krelyan

    Yeah yeah, sure I don’t agree thoughts themselves should be illegal. However, that doesn’t mean I still can’t find it this trash [i]fucking creepy[/i]. Yeah, molestation and bondage of juveniles! Hilarious!

  • MC Burnett

    Yeah, love that the first image to load on that site was a clearly prepubescent character lifting her skirt to show me HER VAGINA.

    You’re not defending the notion that thoughts shouldn’t be policed, VZ. You’re telling us that people who are open to acts that the rest of us find criminal are the more progressive and enlightened members of society. You’re telling us not to be disgusted by acts and images that are, to most people, disgusting.

    Also, warn people before you link to PORNOGRAPHY.

  • Sugar-Chan

    Super glad I didn’t click on the link.

    And VZ is a lot like CursingL, except he seems to be able to write in full sentences. Although, frankly, if I had to choose between furries or lolicon…I would rather shoot myself.

    My favoritest thing ever is when people start off saying one thing, usually extremely base, and then try to leave on this high and mighty note, talking about something completely different. Sorry our Puritanical Thought Police prevent us from wanting to accept the subjugation and molestation of children as entertainment. Clearly, we are the inferior beings. And, I believe it has also been made clear that no one will truly understand VZ besides his hug pillow.

  • Dave

    I got tired quickly scrolling past the front page at work. So I censored the offending image. :D

  • I’d like a box of strawberry pop tarts in front of that stingray too, thank you. :)

  • Sugar-Chan

    I’m sorry, but thank you so much for that. I was getting tired of getting a glimpse of pre-teen vagingo, and praying to God this page wouldn’t get blocked at my job…

  • Krelyan

    Guess I can’t eat Pop-tarts anymore.

  • Dave

    That’s not vagina. That’s front-butt.

  • Nick

    I posted first and no one even cares! Truly VZ’s thread derailing power is greater. Perhaps too great.

  • Sugar-Chan

    How the hell did you post first, unless your name is Tim? The first post was back on the 18th.

    And I will now be referring to my lady parts as a pop tart from now on. I suggest you all do the same.

  • VZ

    “was getting tired of getting a glimpse of pre-teen vagingo”

    Um, they’re teens, not preteens. THINK before you type.

    You want the government to be like in V for Vendetta, don’t you?

  • Nick

    People who post the word first aren’t even the first poster half the time, but maybe I was a little too late.

  • Kidder

    GUYS GUYS!!! You forgot the most important thing in this episode! WALRUS PENIS!

  • Frenchman

    “Um, they’re teens, not preteens. THINK before you type.”

    Yes, and since that’s legal we have no issue here- waaaaait a minute. Nope, you’re still creepy.

    And VZ, let’s get back on topic. This isn’t about the government, this is about you admiration and defence of lolicon. We the people think you are disgusting for defending such a notion and believe you are unfit to roam freely in society. You’re response is the government is bad. Ugh, its going to be THIS kind of discussion isn’t it?

  • Sugar-Chan

    “Um, they’re teens, not preteens. THINK before you type.”

    1. I consider a teenager to be at least 15. One of those girls is 13 years old, which is still considered a preteen.

    2. Even in anime, none of those girls would want to have sex with you. I’m sorry.

    3. I want the government to protect my future daughters and sons from the likes of horrific pedophiles who thinks that something like this is ok.

    Look, people like what they like. So long as you are nowhere near me, there’s not too much I can do about it. But to come over here, to this small sect of the internet where everything is NOT horribly creepy, and defend something to people who think what it is you are defending IS horribly creepy is fucking retarded.

    You should probably think before you type. Also, look into obtaining friends who aren’t on the internet.

  • Dave

    Teenager means 13-19. ThirTEEN. That’s where it comes from.

    Preteen: 12. Not a teen.

    Also, I don’t want the government to censor this sort of stuff. That’s not the government’s job. In fact, it’s the opposite of the government’s job. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s creepy and disgusting. It’s also free speech.

  • Maur

    OMG DAVE! HOW COULD YOU?!? You have defiled the perfection and purity that is Japan!! Damn your puritanical ways!

  • Sugar-Chan

    I have never and will never say someone doesn’t have the right to produce this. I just think its wrong, and that anyone who does enjoy this sort of show should be shot on sight.

    The only reason I brought up the government at all was because of that fotarded V for Vendetta reference, so whatever.

    And if you’re 13 that means one of your best friends could be 12, so dammit, I still call it preteen! At the end of the day, still completely immoral.

  • graz

    Yeah, I’m unclear on when government became involved. Thinking(simulated)child pornography is abhorrent and wanting the government to engage in broad censorship are two separate ideas. See how that works, I know its a super nuanced position so it might be hard to understand, let me put it another way: you’re gross. Its not illegal for you to be gross, but that doesn’t make you any less gross.

  • Graz and Dave: You guys are awesome! :)

  • Maur

    The real question is how should we feel about pop-tarts now?

  • tommy d

    I hope those guys eat that stingray in honor of the incomparably crazy croc hunter. MMMMMM stingray kabob with meat skewered on it’s on barb.

  • tommy d

    Also, now pop tart has about three different meanings in my head now. Guess i’m switching to cinnamon brown sugar for awhile .

  • DannyRand

    I bet VZ is actually a giant stingray.

  • Sugar-Chan

    Also a pop tart. Pop tart eating giant stingray pedophile.

  • xblackmacgyver

    pop-tarts…mmmmmmmmmm… but putting poptarts over that filth makes me not want pop-tarts anymore… what am i supposed to eat now? those things are my livelyhood!

  • Maur

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but placing those pop-tarts there actually makes the picture look even more indecent. Now it just looks like it’s covering up completely naked little girls behind it


  • I just want to say that I think we need more shows where a large Russian man throws people against a wall like a brownie.

  • VZ

    “I bet VZ is actually a giant stingray.”


  • Alex

    Good god is this the most comments Fast Karate has had?

  • Nick

    Well neither party is going to change each others mind here, though I find VZ’s comments lolable, we’re going in a circle at this point.

  • Quick, someone insult Bob Dylan!

  • The Joel

    Hey, HEY! Break it up. We don’t need none of that Greatest Movie Ever trouble around here!


    OK so it turns out getting a bachelors degree is kinda hard, as is hiking. so I’m back what did I miss?

    Hey what’s this link from VZ?….

    …….. oh god…….I need to……wash it off me with fire

  • Frenchman

    Bah, those poptarts are tainted

  • graz

    Not everything has to be about you and your irrational hatred of Bob Dylan Paul.

  • DannyRand

    I’m gonna go ahead and break out Godwin’s Law here and call Bob Dylan a nazi.

  • Man I miss the marshmellow Poptarts. They stopped making those over here in the UK roughly 5 years ago. A CURSE ON YOU KELLOGS!!!
    God help you guys if you ever decided to watch Kanokon, that show is just as bad as this.

  • You ever notice that the most active threads on anime forums, the most commented-upon posts on anime blogs, etc. always, always, ALWAYS involve “anime fans who vehemently defend their love of sexualized images of children” versus “reasonable human beings”? How the former group ALWAYS equates “people who disagree with them and/or think they’re terrifyingly creepy” with “people that support the notion of thought crimes and government-run censorship”? It’s no wonder there are so many people who refuse to admit the fact that they enjoy watching anime, online or otherwise. They don’t want to be associated with the highly vocal, highly visible groups of anime fans that have come to define the whole: male pedophiles (they all have blogs, webcomics, and/or massive forum postcounts. ALL OF THEM), female pedophiles (this defines the supermajority of the yaoi crowd), and diehard supporters of what’s on Cartoon Network/Disney XD (which in fairness is the actual majority of anime fans, not just a perceived one).

    I remember when the big anime fan arguments used to be “dubs vs subtitles” and “furries vs anime fans.” Nowadays it’s “fansubs vs the US anime industry” and “pedophiles vs anime fans.”

  • Sugar-Chan

    Its a sad state of affairs indeed.

    However, I feel we should have a new debate. Strawberry pop tarts vs. Cherry. I vote cherry. Strawberry is SO done.

  • Nick

    Cherry is universally great.

  • The Joel

    Strawberry forever!

  • G13

    Why do people like cherry flavor over strawberry? Am I missing something?

  • Dave

    If you prefer cherry over strawberry you are retarded.

    Also, I could use a good ‘dubs vs subs’ debate. How nice it makes me feel to reflect on those days, before I knew that anime was mostly pedophile wank material.

    Ah, nostalgia.

  • Peter Hasselström

    Dubs are always better if they’re from someone who was underfunded or didn’t care much about quality.


  • Strawberry poptarts are wonderful and a great pick-me-up. I have never seen cherry ones here in the UK.

    Echoing the calls of “VZ, you are why I can’t admit to being an anime fan in public” thanks to shows like HIMM browsing the anime section of HMV is embarassing and trying to recommend shows to people is fraught with the danger of ostrasicion.

  • Captain Barricade

    People need to know that most of Europe is relegated to either chocolate or strawberry pop-tarts. I think its high time this stopped. Somebody needs to voice this to Kelloggs,so we too can enjoy the deliciousness that is marshmellow flavour. I vote Dave should do it. Also,first.

    And VZ is a retard.

  • Big Winters

    Do I get a prize or something for being the 100th commentator?

    But yes, I also thought stingrays were tiny, and yes this podcast was very funny

  • Frenchman

    There’s a poptart party in the comment box, and you’re invited!

  • xenomouse

    Over 100 comments??? Someone call the Guinness World Record committee.

  • The Joel

    Most Comments on is a suprisingly competitive category.

    Also, people of Europe, there are only two kinds of pop tart: strawberry and frost brown sugar. That is all.


    Strawberry, Dubs, and gauze for my cleansing burns

    Also You should do strike witches, it’s about the most retarded thing I’ve seen. I couldn’t make it through the first you tube segment. In a nut shell: under aged furies in propeller leggings, oh and apparently the leggings make it so they can’t wear pants not that they do anywhere.

  • Calcaneus

    Thank the lords for the pop-tarts. I had a close call a few days ago where I loaded up the site on campus without thinking. Good think nobody around me noticed, at least I hope not.

  • xenomouse

    Uh, what about Frosted S’mores Pop-Tarts?
    linky work?

  • I want those so badly …

  • Sugar-Chan

    Brown sugar poptarts were forged by the fiery pits of hell and should not be consumed by humans.

    I like both cherry and strawberry, but I feel cherry should get more love.

    I watched both the first episodes of HIMM and Strike Witches, and was more horrified by Strike Witches, honestly. I got through the first episode of HIMM, mainly because I knew what was coming. I watched Strike Witches, and I couldn’t believe the amount of underaged panty shots I was seeing. I mean, the school uniforms don’t cover their snatch! Like at all! And the stupid flying leggings give them animal ears! AND they have ridiculously large guns, one girl has an eye patch, and someone used a sword. Its like every fetish they could smash into a show…

  • graz

    Imma go ahead and take this opportunity to start a REAL flame war.
    Pop Tarts are gross and you are all stupid for liking them.

  • Furyk


    Pop Tarts are a fucking breakfast staple. Check your fucking shit at the door.

    On a related note, eating Toaster Strudel’s icing from the box… how much of it ends up on the toaster strudel first before your mouth?

  • S1licon

    WHAT! Pop Tarts are DELICIOUS. Strawberry is the best flavor, add some frosting with sprinkles and you have yourself an epicurean’s dream.

    And I will defend TO THE DEATH that subs and dubs are both pretty ok and anyone who thinks otherwise is BRAINDEAD. Let’s get this war started!

    Ok you caught me I just wanted to be a part of this historic moment in comment history.

  • Shax

    Guess I’m the only one with any love in my heart for blueberry Pop-Tarts. That’d fit, since the only anime I like focuses on the sexual exploitation of the elderly.

  • I’d rather watch Strike Witches than Yukikaze (judging from what I heard), but as the good Dr. Chiba would say, there’s a limit.

    HIMM plows over that limit riding a perverted, dress shredding rape-happy alligator.

  • God

    For the record, Poptarts are the most vile things on the Earth.

  • Morio-Kun

    The Poptarts box? BRILLIANT!!!!!!

  • tommy d

    I’m with joel, brown sugar rocks my face

  • Wow. Seventeen thousand comments!

    Having to defend one’s stance against child rape… that’s like having to defend one’s dislike of Godzilla: Final Wars. I never thought it would need to be done.

  • Westinghouse

    Who the fuck is looking for fruit in their poptarts? Give me the closest thing you have to chocolate or go home.

  • Keith – Believe it I’ve had to defend my disliek for Final Wars lately. I’ve been o na few forums where people seem to think Final Wars is the best Godzilla movie ever. At which point I ask them ‘have you watched any other of the Godzilla movies?’

  • Pop-Tarts have flavors?! For me they always go right from the box into my gullet, not spending enough time in my mouth for me to notice. Much like Hot Pockets.

    My stand on subs vs dubs is that unless you speak Japanese (i.e. can hold a conversation without another language and minimal hand signals) you can’t tell how good the Japanese dub is, so you can’t say it’s better then the English dub. And aside from that, I just don’t want to spend my time reading like a FUCKING nerd.

  • Chris Mishima

    If loving Elfin Lied is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  • Um, yeah, I can tell how good a Japanese dub is. An actor with lack of range or emotion can be found whether you speak that language or not. I have had nightmare experiences where the English dub is bad and the Japanese isn’t worth it either.

    BTW, I often read subtitles, even with an English dub. Cogswell Pepperbox in the house, bioatch!

  • Joe

    -If loving Elfin Lied is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.-

    Whoa what? Sure the seemed kind of cool with its Akira-esque telepathy kid escaping some organization’s HQ, there was a good amount of potential there. But when two kids find a naked person on the beach, with amnesia, and they take her home as a pet? Not to, you know, A FREAKING HOSPITAL? Fuck that shit, that’s ludicrous.

  • Twitch

    Elfen Lied at least has crazy violence, and is sort of meant to be disturbing. I kind of liked it when I first watched it (I could have done without the pedoriffic aspects of it, however).

    Of course, since then, I’ve been introduced to brilliant works like Goku Midnight Eye and MD Geist where I can get my titties & decapitation fix, and actually not have garbage underneath. Okay, a different kind of garbage, but MD Geist is like opening a garbage can and it’s full of hilarious garbage, like old rubber chickens.

    Truly Elfen Lied is a shit sandwich. Two pieces of exploding head bread around the shit spread that is moe.

    Strike Witches is boring, horribly animated, and creepy. It is the trifecta of shit.

  • tyree

    Sorry. But i had to get in on the history making.

  • Maur

    Elfen Lied was definitely ludicrous, but an entertaining kind of ridiculousness, when it wasn’t being creepy in that way only Japan can pull off…

  • MCWagner

    Listened to the HIMM podcast three times now, and I just wanted to add my thanks to everyone else’s about calling it out for the despicable shit it was. A while back someone brought the first episode to our anime watching group and tried to make us watch it.

    Midway through the first episode, at exactly the point where the alligator starts raping the older sister, the laptop it was playing on CHOKED AND DIED. Froze up and locked. We restarted, the guy who brought the episode tried to play the episode again, and it CRASHED AGAIN.

    I recognize now that that brave laptop was taking a bullet for us. It had somehow gained sentience, and in its first moments of life recognized the utter horrific shit nature of the show, and destroyed itself rather than subject us to any more.

    Godspeed, little laptop.

  • A little late to the party here, since I’ve been quite behind on my Fast Karate episodes of late, but I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.

    VZ, you’re retarded. I think child pornography is despicable, as do the majority of human beings (y’know, the ones that DON’T spend 100% of their time on the Internet), but that doesn’t mean that we want you to get arrested for it. We just hate your guts for defending this garbage.

    But as for the real debate here, I DO support stringent government regulations on the sale of Pop-Tarts. Namely, the only flavors that should be sold are Strawberry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Anybody who likes Cherry should be tarred and feathered. That is all.

  • Sugar-Chan

    I didn’t have anything else to add to this, I just like round numbers. :)

  • Frenchman

    I’m sorry to disappoint