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This show also known as: I Ain’t Afeared Of You

Lu Bu is like Kenshiro in a game that sucks. Except now Kenshiro will be in the game that sucks. I guess now they’ll both suck.

Music Selection: People should play this song for me at my funeral. While my boat is being burned and sent out to see. With naked ladies on it. I feel bad for the naked ladies, but they knew what they signed up for.

This show is about:

My Life: Circa 2002

  • randomdan

    What kind of cigar was it?

  • MC Walker

    When you were talking about Audacity I was amazed that the words “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” didn’t come up…

    Man, I am a HUGE nerd.

  • Kamon

    Dave, don’t worry about your backwards compatibility, I’m sure all PS3s will have software emulation at some point, as it should have been in the first place.

  • pathar

    german man, i do speak it.

    germans are idiots. As of tomorrow, there will be an event where you can get rid of games that “simulate killing of humans” by throwing them into a container.

    Starting in about two days, some ebay powerseller is going to make huuueg cash with this games.

  • Dave

    You ask that question as if I knew anything about cigars.

    I’m too busy planning my trip to Germany to learn about cigars. I got some gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames to pick up.

  • pathar

    Back off, i’m actually sitting in the container RIGHT NOW, waiting for the first wolfenstein and uncharted 2 discs to rain down on me hurrhurr.

    btw thats the official poster for the event:

  • The Joel

    Man, those are some MS publisher skills right there. The Ls are guns. I don’t know if you noticed that but they are.

  • Alex

    That isn’t publisher skills
    thats fuckin pro photoshop
    i bet he even payed for photoshop like a pro

  • graz

    Can someone hold an event to burn those posters? They’re so violent.

  • randomdan

    well, was it a “It’s a Girl” cigar, or “It’s a Boy” cigar?

  • Dave


  • randomdan

    An older tradition, the giving of cigars to family and friends when there has been a successful birth is almost never performed in modern times. One factor for the demise of this harmless tradition is the whoring that began occurring when cigar manufactures noticed men would buy the crappiest cigars at inflated prices if the cigars were labeled IT’S A GIRL/BOY! SO, yeah. What.

  • The Joel

    Also, you can’t smoke in hospitals.

  • Nick

    Actually you can, you just have to get away with it.