Show #347: Lift This Fridge Up: One Punch


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This show also known as: DON’T TELL YOUR MOTHER

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure might just be the best thing ever.

Music Selection: Snow, you are the only person that could possibly pre-empt me from putting Holy Diver at the end of this podcast.

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Iggy: A True Pimp.

  • Wasn’t another Fast Karate episode already titled, “Lift This Fridge Up: One Punch”?

  • Maur

    yeah, it was. The 12/24(?)/08 one.
    AKA this one:

  • The Joel

    Haha. Lifting things up one punch comes up frequently in our conversations. I am not surprised at all.

  • Dave

    My only response is: you’re welcome.

  • Aw man! Now that you’ve warned me, I CAN’T listen! Guess, I’ll have to go watch jojo’s now…

  • BB

    The prequel OVAs weren’t that bad, imo. The animation wasn’t as high quality, but you get to know the main characters better and there are some more cool bad guy (like a dude whose Stand kills you by attacking your reflection, and another Stand that’s a big haunted boat).

  • Tim

    There are like six different JoJo generations now, and they have largely skipped generations until recently, when the creator’s been skipping less and less time between different JoJo stories.

    The first one was a quest for vengeance by Jojo1 against Dio for killing their dad after turning into a vampire due to a stone mask. He had to master ‘ripple energy’ which was a cockamamie fighting energy thing. That ended at the turn of the century with both protagonists fighting on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Dio fights the entire battle as a disembodied head.

    The second one was his grandson trying to beat nazis to the source of vampiric powers, stone aztec masks, and then having to destroy the vampiric aztecs themselves, still with ripple energy.

    Jojo3 is the OVA but more of that. The Grandfather in 3 is the guy from 2. Dio’s new body is Jojo1’s body, and that strangeness is supposedly why stands have started manifesting.

    JoJo4 is like four years later, and stars Jojo2’s son by a different woman. It’s strangely more episodic, all taking place in the same japanese town. Also involves time travel.

    Jojo5 has a main character who can unzip his body and turn into ridiculously long tendrils.

    Jojo6 gets even stranger.

  • Furyk

    Holy Diver > Snow

    Best Fast Karate episode ever I’d say.

    Also Jojo 7 = Steel Ball Run.

    And vampire Jack the Ripper is a good reason to read Part 1.

  • Tokaro

    You should have titled it “Lift this Steam Roller Up: One punch”

  • Suto

    The series is awesome in it’s own way. In one, they find a large serted cruise ship. exploring it, they see an imprisoned orangutan. Later, they discover the primate is a stand user, and THE CRUISE SHIP IS HIS STAND.

  • randomdan

    if you want a crazy movie from japan that will have you yelling at the screen,” WHAT THE FUCK?!?” in the middle of the night, watch sukiyaki western django. A cruise ship being an orangutan’s power does not compare to a mute hillbilly pueblo japanese woman throwing the cross from a church that is bigger than her at a crazy sheriff from at least 50 feet away and IMPALING HIM with it. Also, quentin tarantino with a horrible japanese accent in a motorized steam punk wheel chair in what is supposed to be eighteenth century western US.

  • blackmacgyver

    i believe they have alluded as much to tha fact that they have watched sukiyaki western django and thought it was retarded, so thats prolly a nogo randomdan. plus that movie was pretty stupid and bad.

  • Dave

    What he said.

  • Tokaro

    Quentin Tarantino shouldn’t be in movies. Quentin Tarantino shouldn’t be INVOLVED in movies.

  • Spanish_Godzilla

    Hey, is that a real shirt? cuz I freakin want it.