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This show also known as: Your house is safe.

Super Street Fighter IV is a game about subtle racism.

Music Selection: Less smokey sax this time.

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  • JohnU

    +1 if can change the L4Ders so they all have House’s head.

  • Hey, it could have been worse. The “T” could have been for “Tonto”…

  • Big Winters

    Not only will the racism be increased with Super Street Fighter 4, but with Dudley, so will the English stereotypes! I can’t wait for a bad teeth, and beans-on-toast joke!

    But also, Dave, I found this:

  • The Joel

    Man, I wish I had seen that t-shirt before my brother’s birthday. It is, without a doubt, perfect for him.

    I don’t know why they need to include Dudley. Capcom already included Balrog(boxer).

  • Bronzdragon

    Say, is it just me or is the sound just on one channel?

  • Dave


  • Dave

    Download it again, it’s fixed now.

  • “I don’t know why they need to include Dudley. Capcom already included Balrog(boxer).”

    Although I agree with you Joel, I wish they had just gone with Dudley from the get go. He’s a far better character all around and his lines are great.


  • I don’t really use Balrog, but where’s your sense of history? Balrog’s OG, and I think that there are more people who are fans of Balrog over Dudley.

    Anyway, I want both in. More characters from diverse backgrounds is always good for me. I love kicking in the faces of characters from all over the world. We need some Aussies up in Super SF IV

  • Big Winters

    Basically I want every character ever in the new game, but I doubt that ever happening. Not sure how Hugo, Q or Twelve would look in HD, horrible probably.

    Oh yeah, if you check :

    Theres is another new character: ‘Hakan – An Arabic grappler obsessed with oil.’ Actual quote. Way to go Capcom, way to go

  • Maybe you missed the Street Fighter where they introduced a “green man with red hair and electrical powers.”

  • Big Winters

    hmmmm, good point