Show #344: I Gave You Wang Polio.


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This show also known as: (asia is my vagina)

We continue the month-long contest with Psychic Wars, a show about going back in time to stop demons who will destroy humanity BUT WAIT HUMANITY IS OKAY SO WE MUST HAVE ALREADY DESTROYED THEM!

Music Selection: Again, Huey Lewis knew what was up. HE WAS PROTECTING US.

This show is about:

Demon bane, bitches.

  • I heard you guys knocking Vampire Wars. I was gonna suggest it for the contest, but I was too lazy. It is no Violence Jack, but I guarantee it is worth your time. You can Watch It Now on your XBox via Netflix.

    One crazy show is Crying Freeman. It has solid art and a wierd color scheme and crazy violence and skewed morals.

  • I would love to hear what you guys think of Machine Robo Rescue. Man I wish I hadn’t missed the contest deadline thanks to my fucking day job. As soon as my boss goes on vacation the whole place goes down the shitter.

  • Onomarchus

    I missed the contest and blame no one but myself. I would have made a pedantic suggestion, but instead I now just suggest you watch the 90’s Ninja Gaiden OAV. Norio Wakamoto has a single great line that comes out of nowhere.

  • Tommy d

    I think Andy and Conan need to do voice over for this show because they made Blood the last Vampire good.