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This show also known as: I Think We Discovered Another Violence Jack Burrow

I know we say this a lot but with Violence Jack I really think it is the show that makes the least sense in a podcast about shows that make no sense..

Music Selection: Just like its titular character, the music in this show has only one mood. No matter what is happening on screen, this music plays.

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  • On the one hand, THE DUB. On the other hand, they trimmed down several minutes of the extremely offensive stuff, leaving only the offensive stuff that can be described as “massive and colossal.” The uncut Violence Jack is sub-only, was never officially released on DVD, and largely corresponds to what I ran at the Otakon panel minus the black squares I hastily added over everything.

    What this means that the task before me is that I have to watch each episode of Violence Jack not once, but TWICE for the to-be-recorded-someday review of it on AWO.

  • Dave

    I tried my hardest to find the dub, but to no avail. So we watched the sub, and it was a fan-sub, because I naively bought a DVD off Amazon without doing my due diligence and making sure it wasn’t an HK bootleg.

    It was.

  • The Joel

    I didn’t really need to see Jack perform a mastechtomy and dickectomy on a tranny anyway. Frankly, if you hadn’t blacked those out at Otakon you would have heard me weeping from the audience. Weeping and vomiting.

  • Nick

    That would be a Penectomy. The more you know™

  • Dave

    I prefer dickectomy.

  • Dave

    But I would not prefer to experience one.

    Just so you know.

  • Camario

    I’m wondering if you guys reviewed all of Violence Jack or just one of the episodes. Guess I’ll find out in a bit…maybe?

  • Karl

    Violence Jack should be seen all in one go. That’s the rules.

  • The Violence Jack dub I saw started with some people buried underground finding Jack as they were attempting to tunnel their way out to freedom.
    The plot according to this same dub was some weird ass eaarthquake fucked everything up. Then a lot of chicks got date raped who Jack ‘teams up’ with and then saves them from a bunch of evil rapists.
    2nd part had Jack helping out a small village with some butch chick and also saving a naked chick tied to a tank gun!
    The 3 part is pretty much what you guys described.