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This show also known as: We Gotta Soooooooooolve The Mysteeeeeryyyy

Orson Scott Card is a super dick, and also probably crazy, but it shouldn’t necessarily stop you from buying Shadow Complex. Good thing mentioning him starts a political discussion that is TOTALLY APPROPRIATE TO OUR VIDEOGAME PODCAST. Also Mass Effect DLC.

Music Selection: I think I already used somewhere else, but oh well. Here we are.

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  • Jon

    Dave Riley, let it be known that you can indeed continuously fire with your pistol when you hold the right trigger.

  • The Joel

    Still not as good as the assault rifle.

  • “Dude the musical” made me think my mp3 player had gone into meltdown.

    Anyway, here’s a random anigif:

  • I had the need to throw people into the air when I played Mass Effect so I went the magic route. I remember with KOTOR that the “soldier”(battle?) Jedi was the most fun to play in that series as opposed to the heavy force user class.

    The FB screenshot. . . combined with the previous post title of “She Was Using Her Gooch For Justice” really cracked me up.

    The death panels may have been named by Palin(how great would it be if that was her profile in the screenshot. lol) but there is a end of life panel that will decide if you are worth spending the cash on for that possibly life-saving expensive operation, drug or other treatment. The problem is the 3 to 5 different bills in the Congress causes some confusion including the Congressmen. I think NOW is not the best time to tackle the issue. And if you agree with the plan and trust your representatives there is no reason why they can’t pass it. They’ve had the votes w/o the Republicans screwing around trying to save liberty, fight Nazis, and so forth. I’m curious to see if the Democrats will pass a bill that a lot of the Americans are against. It never stopped the Republicans! :P

  • Dave

    ” but there is a end of life panel that will decide if you are worth spending the cash on for that possibly life-saving expensive operation, drug or other treatment”

    Is there? Because I think the whole point of this discussion is that there ISN’T. Or at least that’s what I saw on Jon Stewart, where the lady said there was and then conveniently could not find the part in the bill where doctors were going to murder old people if they weren’t worth the money, which is essentially what people are saying is going to happen.

  • thaneofcawdor

    Death panels… ehhhh. My understanding of it is, they’re proposing you get a govt. subsidised consultation with a doctor about what you want to happen if you go into a perma coma or completely lose mental capacity. You may want to have the plug pulled if there is no hope, or you might choose to fight on, it’s still up to you (or your family if you don’t express your wishes). And it’s just a consultation, nothing legally binding.

  • Tim

    Actually, the consultation is supposed to be binding, on the doctor, so that your wish to be kept alive / let go is made in a sound frame of mind. There’s no penalty to the doctor if you choose to live, just if they fail to follow your wishes. Similarly, you’re free to alter your opinion at a later date as well, AFAIR.

  • The equating of -isms regardless of the fact that they can be completely contradictory is courtesy of Fox News’ #1 superstar Glenn Beck, who does this on a daily basis. Or at least, the days when he’s not laying low because a bunch of sponsors dropped Fox due to him repeatedly saying how the President’s a racist. Or when he’s not trying to distance himself from all the people who believe everything he says in his books/radio/TV show, who then end up shooting someone/trying to shoot someone. Or or or.

    But whatever, I’m just some screechy bleeding heart who shouldn’t care because “there are people on the other side that are just as bad.” The difference being they don’t have constant national media exposure and aren’t in a position to influence millions of people…