Show #335: Well, I Don’t Know If I LIKE Crippled People…


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This show also known as: Jack Bauer Is The Ghost In The Machine

Shadow Complex is very good. Like very, very good.

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Marwan found a way.

  • Pieter

    Dear Dave and Joel,
    I must apologize beforehand since I have not listened to this podcast yet and therefore do not have anything useful to add (you may even remove this comment if you wish). It’s just that I would like to recommend an excellent anime series for you to discuss in the future. The series is called Needless and is actually still airing at the moment. It fits the Fast Karate for the Gentleman anime profile perfectly. Dumb humor? Check. Lots of fights? Check. Ridiculous characters fighting other ridiculous characters in a post-apocalyptic setting? Check.
    If you do intend to discuss the series I would give you one piece of advice: skip the atrocious ending song. The images of this ED contain dangerous amounts of moe.
    Just keep on discussing stupid videogames and Japanese cartoons. The internet needs you.

  • DannyRand

    So I’m sitting here watching this Needless and it seems allright. Just your typical shonen crap, dudes throwing attacks at each other instead of punches and stuff like that. It’s not terrible nor anything special and WOAH! Holy Crap! When did moe stop meaning “unrealisticly innocent and naive” and start meaning “12 year old lesbians”?

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    Long ago, in the days of my childhood back when Bonkers still existed, they used to sell Starburst packages that consisted of pink ones only. If anyone tries to tell you that the 80s weren’t the best decade to grow up in, you just ask them to go buy them some pink-only Starbursts or some Bonkers (for which pink-only was one potential configuration). THEY CAN’T.