Show #333: A-DOGGYSTYLE!


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This show also known as: Man Dies In Macaroni and Cheese Explosion

Ruby Void/Emerald Void has been achieved! Just 20 more annoying-ass achievements I don’t want to do to go for a stupid thing I don’t even want! Oh, the joys of being in a guild. At least this one was kind of fun and took strategy and coordination instead of retard waiting for random shit to happen. For the non-WoW players, we have a not-long-enough discourse about the possibility of Mac and Cheese Soup and I am strangely positive about Persona 4 because this podcast was recorded two hours before my party wiped out on the second to last floor of a dungeon and now I have to start ALL OVER. Also, Riddick wants your eyes.

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This is a dude (maybe).

  • MSG is a flavour enhancer. If you add to a recipe it will blend the flavours together. On it’s own it has the unique taste “UMAMI”, one of the secret tastes! And once you’ve tasted it raw, you’ll easily spot it when take aways use too much of it.

  • Isn’t that always the case with the persona games? I’m still playing Persona 3: FES (I will not skip it for 4 until I beat it!) and I hate making progress, only to have the lead character die off.

    That’s why I give the command for the rest of the party to attack shadows while I heal them occasionally and stay refreshingly alive. Hopefully Persona 4 has that same command to let your party do the killing.

  • Dave

    In P4 you have the option of giving direct commands to your party members.

    In all fairness, it was pretty much my fault that I died. I played it a bit too close, and didn’t heal when I should’ve. So that one’s on me, but it still sucks.

    But the instant death spell that attacks everyone and wiped out my main character in one turn… not cool, man.

  • Sugar-Chan

    …boxed mac and cheese is horrifying. Its all about shells and cheese with that cheddar in the bag, son!

    Butter added to any kind of pasta sounds like the definition of evil to mine ears…

  • Nick

    You are absolutely correct Sugar-Chan.

  • Dave

    The cheddar in a bag is basically the exact same stuff as the power, it just requires less measurement on your part.

    Also, butter on pasta is the booooooooomb, son. Graz makes this pasta with shrimp, garlic and butter that would blow your mind.

  • Sugar-Chan

    See, I always end up back tracking when I make statements like that…I think what I meant to say was STRAIGHT butter on pasta is nasty. I remember when I was a kid, seeing people butter their spaghetti, and since butter is just about the nastiest thing in the world to me (when I can taste it outright) I was horrified.

    But when you use it in conjunction with garlic and shrimp…I’m willing to bow to that.

  • Olive oil on pasta folks. That’s where it’s at.

  • Persona definitely punishes you for being overzealous, because even the shadows you can beat without trouble can end your ass.

  • Shax

    Since nobody else is gettin’ all nerdo on Birdo, here’s her… his… ITS information from the SMB2 instruction book:

    “He thinks he’s a girl and he spits eggs from his mouth. He’d rather be called ‘birdetta.'”

    Which is why you can’t post- err, find a picture of a Birdo with tits on the Internet that someone hasn’t left a “you know, CANONICALLY, Birdo is a MALE” comment on, leading one to wonder just who’s sadder in that situation.

  • Onomarchus

    P4 Protip: get to next level of the dungeon –> warp out with a Goho-m –> Save! –> reenter dungeon on the level you left (because you can).

  • Hoth

    $15 times 12 million = $180 million.

    Blizzard is truly snagging an epic drop.

  • Tommy d

    you guys forgot to mention ghettomon, with the power of gold tooth shine and double 9mm attack

  • Dave

    Did I do the math right on the podcast? I realized the next day I might’ve accidentally said $18 million.

    Yes, grossing a little under 2 billion a year is pretty fuckin’ insane. Last year Nintendo -netted- 1.9 billion and everyone said that was friggin’ crazy. Nintendo doesn’t have an mmo (but they do have stuff like Mario Kart that might as well be, for how well it sells every money).

  • akeripper
  • Shax

    You would be hitting a man who dresses up as a latex bunny when he’s not dressing up as a latex Birdo.

  • Kieron

    furry family, what the hell is wrong with this family!
    someone needs to save those kids.