• Darkstar21

    LESS GUNZ MOAR BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EmirParkreiner



  • Jon

    One comment, wow, I was under the impression that other people listened to this podcast.

  • Dave

    Well, your mammy would’ve commented, but she was busy.


    WITH ME.

  • Corey

    you mean I’ve been supporting the wrong party this whole time?

  • EZ

    Meh…RE5 was ok. Honestly I find it kind of hard to care about what was going on like in RE4. The fact that you get SO much ammo and different guns makes the game kind of repetitive. Not to mention that RE4 had more character and the story was straight forward and had you guessing. In this one the story was so retarded and I just didn’t care at all.

    They need to make these games Survival Horror again. Not action oriented.

  • James?

    For god’s sake what is the song at the end?!?! Why do you do this to me Dave and Joel, podcast after podcast with songs I am unable to contextualise, yet none as annoying as this… It pains me so….

  • dave

    I feel like if the lyrics are in English you should be required to do your own research.

    But I just listened and that (very annoying) song is the opening to the Viewtiful Joe anime.


  • James?

    Thank you greatly Dave, you are as wise as the rumours say. Loving the podcasts, I’ve gotten more than half way through in way too short a time and now have an overwhelmingly urge to watch 24. Now back to forgetting that I watched the whole Viewtiful Joe anime.