• KryHavok

    Hey hey hey! I play Tank Hunter when I listen to Daft Punk. Gosh!

  • It was good to hear the term “monofilament wire” once again in this podcast. Much like major Kusanagi’s badunkadunk, Fast Karate is just not the same without these tropes.

  • Sugar-Chan

    I adore Kanye, and always had an odd association with him and Fast Karate. You see, when I heard ‘Stronger’, it was the very last thing I downloaded from iTunes before they cut off teh internets at my first job…that, and an episode of Fast Karate. I feel they go hand in hand.

    By the by, his new album has a really, REALLY hot single, which I love, if you have not heard it yet. I think its called ‘Love Locked Down’. GOD! That is my shit.

  • The Joel

    Kanye’s new album has found favor with me. I like Love Lockdown and “I’m not Okay” (not the song title but that’s in the chorus.)

  • I can only assume that when performing karaoke renditions of Stronger that Dave and Joel do so in duet form and it goes something like this:

    Joel: “I would do anything for a Klondike.”

    Dave: “And I would do anything for a blonde dyke.”

    It is then revealed that they aren’t actually singing karaoke, but are in fact just saying what’s on their minds at that moment.

  • The Joel

    That is truly hilarious, Daryl. Well played.

  • When I hear “monofilament wire,” all I can think of is this:


  • Cody

    Okay so now that I’ve taken on the task of watching, correction, listening to all of Fast Karate for the Gentleman I only have one question. Do I really need the pre-31 episodes? I mean it’d only make sense to have them if I’m going to listen to all of them but sense when is Fast Karate about making sense? Are they worth it? I almost feel bad for asking that question.

    Fast Karate you are my King and I kneel in the presence of you and your might speed.

  • Nick

    I think all the pre-episodes don’t have any show notes. Also the early shows have crappy audio.

  • I don’t know. If you don’t get through the Pre 31 you won’t hear their review of Kino’s Journey, which was actually a pretty good anime.

  • LeonGrex


    Virtual On the second one for Xbox live arcade!? It can’t be!