Show #284: That’s Our Lily Cat!


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This show also known as: Haha, Jerry! You’re stupid!

Lily C.A.T. is a show about a robot cat spaceship.

Music Selection: This is what anime promos used to sound like.

Astronauts suffer for your sins.

  • Val Kilmer

    Daryl Surat sucks anyway.

    BGC Tokyo 2040 RES-PEK.

  • Didn’t you guys already talk about this? Or am I mixing you folks up with one of the 53 other podcasts I listen to?

  • Ian

    This is another great podcast guys? Hopefully y’all can talk about more of the great stuff from the Sci-Fi Anime Saturday if you haven’t already exhausted the catelogue.

  • Spoilers: I don’t like Appleseed

  • Daryl Surat also eats puppies.