Show #271: I’m Not Gonna Let Him Eat Me ALL THE WAY.


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This show also known as: Sorry, Had To Save The Future

Iria is crazy, but that’s why you loves it.

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  • Touya

    Greetz from Trinidad! Glad to hear my home country mentioned in your podcast, though you’re right. We wouldn’t. :P

  • Have you seen the Olympics? You invade Trinidad and Tobago, and there are so many track stars there running so fast that any modern army, overburdened with high tech equipment, is going to tire themselves just trying to target the fleet-footed defenders of those island paradises.

    “Captain! We can’t get a lock on them! Our superior winter skill Olympics are no match!”

    “Send in Michael Phelps!”

    “Damnit, Sarge, he’s like Aquaman! Only good if people run into the water!”

    “Oh, if only we’d invaded India. That whole country only has like four athletes, and one of them competed in air rifle.”

  • The Joel

    Michael Phelps is Aquaman, and now his enemies know thanks to you. When Black Manta burns his mothers house to the ground you’ll be to blame.

  • If Michael Phelps is Aquaman, then who is Aqualad?