• Chasedamon

    A flying cat would be a kitty hawk. Love the Show.

  • Walt

    Talking about knocking boots with dead people. Wasn’t there a movie way back when called “The Kiss”? I think it had a student kissing and what not with dead people at the local funeral home. She got to live unlike the guy in the Pet Shop of Horrors.

  • Tommy D

    I’m not going to lie to ya, i bought gremlins right before i listened to us. It’s like I’m psychic or coincidental.

  • How do stores that sell cursed items stay in business? For one, all your customers die. Plus, how do you make any money if half your items are something you refuse to sell to people, because the item is too dangerous?

    Also, eventually, you’d think word would get out. I mean, there’s this thing called the Internet, and its sole purpose is to deliver porn and report on weird shit that happens in the world. A pet shop where everyone who shops there dies horribly is the sort of thing that would attract attention. Well, in the US. I guess in Japan they just ignore it, like racism, Harajuku girls in tiny little derby hats, and those people who show up to make “public sex on the train” porno videos.

  • Oh yeah — the movie Dagon teaches us that, indeed, sex with mermaids will only get you flayed alive by murderous men-fish cloaked in the skins of their previous victims. Still, though, if she was hot enough…

  • Keith, you fail to mention that the mermaid in Dagon is also your half-sister, so now it’s all sorts of weird…

  • Tim

    The problem with the Petshop anime is that it’s four completely random episodes out of around one hundred or so in the manga, and even then they’re boiled down.

    But yeah, the detective isn’t as stupid as he seems, he just knows he has no hard evidence on D since while D is highly suspicious, nothing he’s sold people that people have found has been actually illegal (for the record, rabbits are not illegal wild animals).

    For an example of stuff being boiled down and not making sense, the obvious Mark Hamill reference who looked at the Medusa was both committing suicide and wanting to see someone who actually loved him, not who he played in a movie ages ago. He knew he was doing something stupid. But that bit, which explained things- totally missing from the anime. Similarly the mermaid story miss elements which let you know the guy was an ass too.

    It and the sequel series in tokyo try and be a sort of twilight zone/ outer limits morality tale, and they don’t always work.

    Oh, and Kirin is one of the ancient beasts of chinese mythology, master of reality and chooser of kings, etc.
    But yeah, FF summons and what they are based on, nothing alike.
    IIRC, the Truman wish was implied to be the swift end of the war in the manga.
    But yeah, there’s a lot of stuff missing from the story in the anime.
    I won’t say ‘go read the manga’, but shit does make a lot more sense in it.