Show #229: We’re About To Turn Our Whale Lasers On Your Planet


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This episode also known as: We can’t fight the Gnosis, our legs are tired!

is one of only two anime that are about space whales.

Music Selection: One time on a history test in high school I’d forgotten who the Buffalo Soldiers were, so I just wrote down all the lyrics to the song and ended up getting an A. Trufax. Thanks Bob Marley!

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  • David

    Nice ep, but you kind of should have seen the whole TV series, because there is much there to trash. I mean, I like the Xenosaga games and all, but there is a lot of retarded, clichéd shit in it. (I guess it’s fair to consider it a guilty pleasure for me.) And that fugly anime version didn’t exactly do a better job at presenting the overly convoluted storyline.

  • The Joel

    Trying to muscle through the portion I did was rough. Your a better man than me for being able to withstand this show. I’m gald to hear you call the anime “fugly.” The art in this show was totally lame.

  • The first 1,982 episodes are pretty bad, but if you get through those, the final 3 are really good, so I give the show eleven stars out of five.

  • Ben

    Speaking of terrible space crap anime, I’m just waiting for you guys to come around to Divergence Eve, makes Xenosaga look like a masterpiece.

  • Hail Dave and Joel I have a question for you…
    Have you gentlemen watched Macross7 yet???
    Its the anime made for you!!All I have to say is: GIANT WAR MECHAS PLAYING GUITAR.

    great show guys
    Hail Odin

  • The whale Star Trek was Star Trek IV: The Journey Home and it was directed by Leonard Nimoy not Shatner. Blame Spock for the downfall of humanity.

  • Tommy D

    Marine life leaving the planet is never good, just look at the hitch hikers guide.

  • All I know about Gundam is that there’s one that wears a sombrero and is named Tequila Gundam, so it can’t be all bad.

  • The Joel

    The above mentioned gundam is also piloted by Chico Rodriguez. Very, very Mexican.

  • Chico now a county commissioner in Texas. I wonder how his people feel about him abandoning his duties as mighty pilot for such a pedestrian pencil pushing assignment across the boarder.