• Fuzzyj_17

    While not overly important Aerith does talk about having a boyfriend that was in soldier right after she meets cloud.
    also I tried to eat one of those cakes…it was not a good time

  • Actually Joel, the reason I have not spoken to you in months is because you haven’t been on AIM in months. Did you change your AIM name, or do you chat with people on AIM via Gmail? Because either way, I don’t have whatever name you’re using.

    I just want to be friends. :(

  • What’s wrong with that chick’s posture?

    Pigeon-toed, knock-kneed Japanese girls must be stopped. Learn to walk like a grown up, people!

  • MitchyD

    He’s lying Joel. Surat IMs me ridiculously awesome links all the time. ALL THE TIME.