Show #199: Well, Technically, They’re Not Endangered ANYMORE


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We close Fast Karate off with a she-bang, talking about New Fist of the Northstar: Episode 2.

The Last Song: Black Heaven – Let Me Go, Let You Go

This episode is about:

Cord Cutters

The voice of pure evil

  • My God…that guy who said Philly was 10 hours from New York…HE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!

  • RJ Bubel

    If this is indeed the final episode (and not some late April Fools joke) then that makes me a sad panda. Dave and Joel are the best and at least your leaving us with one of the greatest shows. Take care and come back soon.

  • Also, I’m imagining that this whole recording was done with the two of you in some small church chapel, in front of a grand piano, with lots of burning candles. At the end of it, Dave has to work on is WoW blog (which is done on parchment paper, with a quill pen), and Joel simply nods, walks outside, and plays his guitar out in the desert…alone.

  • As the two of you are in fact kung fu scientists, I’m curious to know what methodology is applied when choosing which spoken phrase becomes the title of the podcast in question. I figured the silliest or most representative line would be the ideal candidate, but that’s clearly not the case since then “Monkey Poo Free-For-All” would be the title of this episode.

    Also, WoW blog or no you’re not fooling anyone [who counts] by saying this episode, recorded on April Fool’s Day, is the final episode for the foreseeable future. Not only do I remember when R5 Central tried to pull that prank, but I know that you two simply cannot rest until AFTER talking about episode six of Bubblegum Crisis. And the remaining three episodes of Mad Bull 34. And and and.

  • Ben Brown

    And I was actually looking forward to Dave doing 6 page blog posts on why the hard core raider needs sad little orc warriors. Probably utilizing the word magnanimous in every post.

    Thank god I actually know what April 1st is, as much as I hate it, I still get a nice little chuckle out of it.

  • Dave

    We don’t like orc warriors. They should be warlocks and stop wasting my time.

  • Well Gentleman I do hope this is a joke,I really enjoy your show.Its one of very few anime podcasts that would work on real radio.Your unknow but true destiny has not yet been fulfilled,that being doing a show on Macross 7. Nothing last forever, so is the law of the universe but I have now listened to every show you guys have done and it was awsome.

    Giant mechas playing guitars, this show was made for you guys.