Show #181: We’re Gonna Talk To God’s Grub


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This show Joel and I FORGET TO MENTION THE BOMBING OF SOUTH AMERICAN TEMPLES while talking about Crystal Triangle.

Opener: Street Fighter 2 – Spicy Curry (OC Remix by djpretzel)
Ender: Reprise

This show is about:


Crystal Cybernetic Horses


KGB RPG Archaeologists that are the grandsons of Rasputin and wear purple robs

  • hux

    NO, no, no.

    (I keep saying no after checking the eyetoons feed thing and seeing crystal Triangle. I know it will be hilarious but still. Oh, god no. No not the grub I mean Go…oh neverever mind.)

  • DannyRand

    Before I even listend to the podcast the show notes had already blown my mind.

  • I saw Akira when it made it’s theatrical tour in…when was that? 1988? 1989? It was the first time I saw anime and knew it as anime, rather as just something I watched on TV (1st grade teachers are not fond of children trying to form the Whirlwind Pyramid on the playground). shortly thereafter, I saw my second anime feature — Legend of the Overfiend. And then shortly after that was my third anime title — Crystal Triangle. At a party, where I was telling people how awesome anime was. Few trusted me after that night, especially since I think the next thing I showed them was “Black Devil Doll from Hell,” where a horny Rick James ventriloquist dummy terrorizes a church-going lady.

    Crystal Triangle somehow fit right in. And still I wish I owned it on DVD.

  • mcbunzo

    this show has hitler and crazy russion grandchildren? ho do you find this stuff?

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