Show #180: Guts Doesn’t Waste Time With Science


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This show technical difficulties lead me to cutting twenty minutes out of our homoerotic love-fest for Gurren Lagann.

Opener: Gurren Lagann – “Libera Me” From Hell
Ender: Gurren Lagann – Minna no Peace

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I tried for like an hour to find a picture of what gay Japanese guys like in their games. I’ve put so much stuff I should not have into google that the FBI is definitely coming to my house right now. Thanks, jerks. Anyway, they’re usually construction workers or lumberjacks that are often fat with bristly beards and hard hats

Masculine Bonding


  • hux

    Oh awwwwesuum, Gurren Lagann. Thanks guys, and ahead of AWO’s review as to tide me over when their next episode comes out. Which would probably be in ten years(ok, that’s exaggerating, ten years would be more like Lather’s Blather). A nice little coincidence is that I saw the other Lagann few days ago or should I say Lagaan: Once upon a time in India. Quite possibly, the greatest movie EVER. Favorite character, Guran. Who knew someone so ugly could be so lovable.

  • freehrm

    Awesome guys! Nice job upstaging AWO. I hope this teaches them the dangers of announcing a review a month before actually releasing it but, I imagine not. Thanks anyway guys and another great ep as usual.

  • vichussmith

    Still haven’t seen it. Dying to, though.

    Dave, get working on retrieving that missing 20 minutes. We need it!

  • I have not learned a single lesson, sirrah. Our review is not out yet because 1. the recording for just that review is an hour long due to it being a review of the entire series, 2. there’s 100 minutes left of that interview which needs to be posted first, and 3. there’s a one hour news segment that also needs editing because the audio is partially out of sync.

    I’ve already destroyed Destroy All Podcasts DX. Those technical difficulties they speak of would be me. That’s right.

  • Ben Brown

    I love that you guys are so hyped about this show, because it really deserves it. Especially Joel, having only seen the first disc (so jealous.) I had a pretty hard time getting through the first few episodes because Simon didn’t appeal to me at that point, Kamina totally carries you through it though.

    Having watched it twice now through fansubs I’m pretty much foaming at the mouth to get the DVDs. The only thing that worries me is the English voice acting. I really hope they do a great job with it, the series deserves it.

  • Dave

    Or maybe you just suck Surat. Did you ever think of that?

    You don’t NEED a full review of Gurren Lagann. Here’s my review (loathe as I am to use that word re: this podcast) of the whole series: It’s awesome. It gets less awesome in the middle. But then it gets really REALLY awesome. And while it could’ve been MORE awesome if certain things didn’t happen, that didn’t stop it from being totally awesome like it was.

    Did I just trump your shit AGAIN?

  • kolibri

    I love you so much right now. Gurren Lagann, easily the best show last year.

  • Dave


  • Hoth

    I’ve watched through episode 8 and… I… I… I DON’T KNOW IF I’M MAN ENOUGH TO WATCH THE WHOLE THING! I can see one of two things happening if I do. The first (and most likely) is that my weak soul shall be consumed by a manly fire and be destroyed. The second is that my weak soul shall be consumed by a manly fire and be reforged into the likeness of Kamina. Do I dare risk the first in the hopes of achieving the second? Advice anyone?

  • Ben Brown

    My only advice Hoth is…



  • Sargeras9

    Sadly I don’t have time to watch through the whole series, but thanks for the strangely kickass Jrock song at the end…..on my zune now in all its 320kb/s glory.

    My favorite podcast, keep ’em coming guys.

  • Hoth

    Episode 15. Flames… too hot… too great… too… too Powerful. A gutteral growl escapes from between my clenched teeth as I slam my head violently and repeatedly against the ground. Lurching to my feet, wild eyed and bloody faced I raise a clenched fist into the air. “Surpass the Impossible and Kick Reason to the Curb! GIGA..! DRILL.!! BREAKER!!!”

    Thank You Dave.

    Thank You Joel.

    My life shall never again be the same.

    I am spent.

  • The only area in which my shit IS getting trumped is the fact that everyone else (correction: everyone else who is awesome) gets to play No More Heroes today, whereas I have about $300 worth of unstarted games purchased over the last few months alone and therefore can’t justify adding more to the pile. I haven’t even taken Mario Galaxy out of its case and put it in the system!

    I think I’ll play through Bioshock next. But I’ll do it on the PC to justify having built a computer that’s actually capable of playing Bioshock on the PC.

  • Hux thus spake:
    (ok, that’s exaggerating, ten years would be more like Lather’s Blather)

    YOU WOT. I’ll have you know I’ve never approached the six month mark between shows. Am I missed that much?

    Gurren-Lagann is truly an epic work that will cleanse your soul and leave it gleaming with the carnauba wax of pure manliness. I don’t know if another studio besides Gainax could’ve infused it with the proper kinetic energy.

  • No matter how cool a robot show may be, nothing will be cooler than when Gundam decided one of its robots should wear a sombrero.