Show #173: I’m Going in For a Closer Look

The sound still sucks. It’ll be fixed next time.


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This Episode Also Known As “That Rocket Pistol Could’ve Been Fired By Anyone”

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This show is about Bubblegum Crisis Episode 4 (also nunchucks).

Opener: Bubblegum Crisis – Akuma to Tenshi no Kiss
Ender:Bubblegum Crisis – Crisis! Run With Anger!

This show is about:

Sand crawlers


Rocket Pistols

  • Ian

    Happy Holidays guys. You probably already know this but it looks like Golgo 13 is getting a series

  • mcbunzo

    uylsses is the name of the protanganist in a little known american comic book, buti dont remember what its called, something about earth and aliens, but it has a robot, a space octipus, a dead shamen, 5 bad guys that combine to make a bigger bad guy, a villion in a white suit with a pimp cane,a semi hot chick with super powers that do something with dreams i think and the protaganist is infected by a space flu that turns him into a spiny and semi sticky teenager, the entire series is somewhere in my huge stack of old comics