Show #170: Jonnie Wong Doesn’t Mess Around


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This Episode Also Known As “Yes, The Surat Is Wise”

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This show is about The New York Anime Festival.
I know when I say a show is boring you just think I’m being cute, internet. But this show is boring.

Opener: Megumi Hayashibara – Give a Reason
Ender:Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

This show is about:

Pythagorus (and Thisbe?)

Deep Ones


  • The record will show that the reason I sang no songs is because I honestly had never heard of 96% of the songs being sang. Of the 4% I had heard of, I didn’t remotely know the words or any close approximation thereof. Since the timing of the karaoke lyrics does not actually correspond to the song, I abstained.

    I did look through the book with Keith Allison, and I was saddened to see that there was no “Real American” by Rick Derringer. Annoying, considering that about 35% of the Jim Steinman catalog was accounted for by the time the dust settled.

  • Ian

    Rick Astley is hilarious.