Show #159: I’m Looking To Sex It Up


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This Episode Also Known As “Retarded Eel Babies Being Born”

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Joel and I almost talk entirely about Ghost in the Shell.

Opener: Ghost in the Shell – Making of a Cyborg
Ender:Gasaraki – Message #9

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Tina Fey

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  • David

    Ghost in the Shell on “remastered” DVD:
    Ghost in the Shell on Bluray:

    Talking about “the most violent intrusion”… I love mindrape, it’s a chilling concept. Now, I know you’re no fans of Evangelion, but I was reminded of when Asuka gets mindraped in that episode… I thought it was harrowing. (That wasn’t about planting false memories, but dragging out the buried traumatic ones.) Not being safe even in your own mind. Serial Experiments Lain also brings up mind intrusion. Know any more? Anyone?

  • vichussmith

    “I like Turtles.”

  • Timberwolf03

    Long time listener, first time posting. You guys do a great job!

    I was surprised that you didn’t bring up one of the most interesting aspects of the Ghost in the Shell series – the “ghost” or “ghost-line.” While not really explained in the movie, the TV show illustrates that the “ghost” is not the physical brain (although it does appear sort of reside in the brain). Rather, it is essentially a individuals soul or spirit. I always found this the most interesting part of the Ghost in the Shell world. Its a world where you very essence can be accessed, hacked, rewritten and copied. I can’t imagine anything more cyberpunk.

    On the other hand, I commend you for pointing out the important fact that the Major is sporting some serious junk-in-the-trunk. Is that standard on all battle-grade cybernetic bodies?