Show #157: Yeah! Let’s Go Mr. Unicorn!


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This Episode Also Known As “So Far We’ve Only Described His Weird Homoerotic Fascination With His Ponytail”

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Joel and I have been flimflammed by Gaogaigar.

Ender: Voltes V – Chichi Wo Motomete

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  • is this the part where we tell you to watch 27

    but i think it gets really good starting at 14 at least, it’s too bad there are episodes before 14

  • David

    I basically felt the same as you guys when I saw GaoGaiGar… It’s a repetitive kids show. (And I would have LOVED it as a kid! Is there anything cooler than transforming ninja robots?!) The end of the show, however, is a pretty good pay-off. Yeah, I know shows should be great throughout, but still. It ends with fairly epic fights and drama.

    I’m probably not the first to say this, but I think you should try out Gurren-Lagann. It doesn’t take long to get into, and it’s crazy manly. Shouldn’t be too long till it comes out on DVD.

  • If ever I require a need to justify why I watch an entire show before reviewing it rather than just the first few episodes, this episode of Fast Karate shall be invoked. As all the cool people who aren’t Leonard Shelby groupies know because of AWO Show Number Three–and the SUPER COOL people who know because they read my article in Protoculture Addicts #93–GaoGaiGar doesn’t become amazing until halfway through. Despite what Gerald and Clarissa say, I recommend you just skip the entire first 20-some episodes entirely because until then, it’s the same formulaic kiddy stuff that giant robot otaku (aka the only people who’d watch this show) have already seen. Naturally, the Media Blasters release is on hiatus as of Volume 5, which is when it JUST starts to pick up. PT Chapman only likes the first few episodes of this show because he thinks Ice Cube is cooler than Vin Diesel.

    I won’t fault your disliking Gundam SEED though, since even though that show isn’t very good for the first 13 or so episodes before getting substantially better, it’s set up in such a way that you can’t just skip those initial 13 episodes.

  • hux

    Ha. This episode made me re-listen Episode 3 of AWO and here is Daryl Surat mentioning it.