Show #296: Ice Cream Is Serious Business Too.


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This show also known as: Define “law.”

Bubblegum Crash: The More You Know is the worst afterschool special ever.

Music Selection: A tribute to a hero. Or, at least a guy with a funny name.


  • Joe

    The link to the MP3 isn’t working .

  • Dave

    Should be now.

  • Günter

    I recommend a songwriting contest. Mostly because I already wrote half a song about Fast Karate when I was suffering from writer’s block.

  • Thank god. An episode without 20-snore AKA 20-farce.

    So… if your friend Jerry is in town, will you do an AD Police episode devoted totally to Lou Bonnevie and how she kicks Oomori Kinuko’s vocalist ass at 80’s pop?

  • Onomarchus

    I forget what this was, but whatever the contest was that produced MLK Jr.: King of Dragons, do that again.

  • Sugar-Chan

    I also vote song contest, and then people have to send in MP3’s of themselves singing it. Works for me.

  • Cody

    I seem to remember you guys talking about functions and deriving at some point. So… I just wanted to share what just popped into my head.

    Do you think a bored boar could bore through a board?

    Upon a second viewing it’s not as impressive as I once believed.

  • mp3 is still not working for me :/

  • Tommy d

    WHAT’S HOTTER THAN A JALAPENO? I know you guys are white (so white that one of you is named white) but how do you forget the Habanero?

  • The Joel

    The correct answer to your question would have been: these rhymes, this watch, my spinning twenty-twos, or your mom. Thanks for playing.

  • The burn in that comment was far hotter than a habanero.

  • What if the guy is lactose intolerant and he doesn’t accept the ice cream, well then again if he is in a position that he can’t eat ice cream you should put him out of his misery and shoot him anyway.

  • Tommy d

    You know what else is a burn? My urine but the doctors gave me pills for that, stupid Candiru.