Show #295: Court… Is Adjourned.


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This show also known as: Gtg, Honey.

R.I.P. Senator (Senator Representative) Mayor. In heaven, the tigers are ALWAYS playing TONIGHT.

Music Selection: A tribute to a hero. Or, at least a guy with a funny name.

  • Günter

    Every time I start to take Dave’s opinion on video games seriously he mentions WoW and totally ruins it.

  • Dave

    Every time I try to take your criticism seriously: eat shit.

  • The Joel


  • Sometimes the comments section, though brief, is even funnier than the actual podcast. Case in point above.

  • Tommy d

    I think Jack killed the flower guy and delivered the flowers “personally”

  • Günter

    I think I need some ointment for that burn.

  • monshogaku

    Even though I have never seen an episode of 24, I must say that the reviews are some of the funniest things I’ve heard from this podcast.

  • Perfect Wrath

    Wait, so that wasn’t the proper way to use screwdriver? My world has been changed forever.

  • Ooo… Disgaea, now there’s an anime you could rip into. Just thinking about it gives me the kind of nausea you usually attribute to too-rich frosting or pistachio cannolis that have sat out too long in the sun. And not only is there serious lolicon-baiting, its far more blatant than Moon Phase/Kanon and reaches ‘Prosti-tot’ levels.

  • Kidder

    The thing I can’t stand the most about 24 is that it’s ALWAYS the women who are the most underhanded, backstabbing characters in the show. Case and point: the current president’s daughter / Palmer’s wife / that traitor chick from the first season