• Like Joel, I’m cheap enough to wait & use my discount tickets to go see any movie. I did however Google ‘Bubastis’… Uggh, it reminds me of Beastmaster where they couldn’t find the right stunt-cat and tried to fake it badly. You might well have just glued rabbit ears on a tiger.

    Random Info dumps:
    *Bubastis was an Ancient Egyptian city and center of the cult worshiping Bastet, the cat-goddess. Lots of cat mummies were found there.

    This is a Lynx, native to North America and Eurasia, its also smaller than a medium-sized dog: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/68/Lynx_lynx_poing.jpg/399px-Lynx_lynx_poing.jpg

    This on the other hand is a Caracal, a similar but different cat native to Africa & the Middle East with larger, but proportional ears: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/125/415485309_7468fdd1a2.jpg

    Obviously, either Alan Moore or the artist were so in the throes of creative genius didn’t even check a freakin’ encyclopedia.

    And you’d hide a sniper rifle in an Atlas… or a wallpaper sample book.

    And if must go back and do the first few seasons of 24, I saw them for $20 apiece in Target.

  • xblackmacgyver

    i have to say. i dont watch 24, and yet i still listen to the midweek : its just that fast karate mangic keepin the humor alive. also, is there any more bubblegum crash in out future? keep it up guys!

  • The Joel

    Mangic is my new favorite word.

  • Cody

    I’ve been listening to all the old podcasts and I don’t think you ever thought 24 made sense.

  • Cody

    Listening to you guys saying HD-DVD would beat Blu-Ray.

  • The Joel

    In our defense, both mediums are pretty much dead.

  • Dave

    The evidence was stacked against Sorny. This is the first format (except for minidisc in Japan) where they actually beat out the competitor.

  • infamousjeff

    Dude Dave and Joel were right. No matter what the “mainstream media” might have you believe. It’s all a conspiracy to turn the USA into Soviet Russia with the Blu-ray. Blue like Demoncat! See? It all makes sense like the urinal cake the sengalians were giving saddam! :)