Show #291: Hold On, The President’s Daughter


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This show also known as: The Candyman Can

24 used to be a show about Curtis punching women in the face.

Music Selection: Man Curtis. You sure did punch that chick in the face.

Joel White: aka Jon Skabla’s conscience personified.

We always knew we’d be internet famous. Now Joel and Jerry have been on a pseudopornographic website. That’s good… I guess?

  • You did what was necessary. Something else that is necessary: Revival of baby-bomb and Hanabi’s reincarnation into the Spacefighter Hardon 2.

  • Ebb

    The 2nd picture makes me cry. Why JOEL? WHY?

  • BB

    I think its important to note that the girls look less happy in the picturs being taken by skabs than the one being taken by “Jailbait Gallery”.

  • That website is sooooooo wrong!

  • TheManko

    Coincidentally I’ve been rewatching 24 season 1 these past couple of days and it sure it way better than it’s now. It’s almost shocking how it actually manages to create suspense in every episode.

    Oh and in Fear 2 you can do slides by sprinting (alt in the pc version) and pressing melee. Jump kicks work just like in the first game, but since you’re slower in Fear 2 than in the first game I never ever used melee attacks. I was also a huge fan on the combat in the first game and they really did mess it up in the sequel. Even in the pc version there’s less debris than in the first game and on hard it was way too easy.

    The lack of stuff flying in the air during combat is pretty inexcusable as well because I get like 200 frames per second at times with 1920*1080 with 4x AA and max details.

  • The Joel

    The 360 controls make sprinting a pain in the ass. Has anyone beaten the school level? I’m completely lost after you fight the principal on the seond floor.

  • TheManko

    It’s a linear fps, so I’m sure it’s just something silly you missed you’ve missed, because I can only remember one place that confused me for a little while. Is there an open courtyard where you are? Because then you have to walk out of a window on the second floor in one of the buildings to walk around the courtyard to get to a valve you’re supposed to turn off. I want more games to be like Deus Ex so you can get lost but somehow still get where you’re supposed to go because there’s 5 ways to get there.

  • @TheManko RE: Fear 2: I get a whopping 30fps w/ everything on medium. 20fps in multiplayer. I was hoping against all odds during my first multiplayer match that somehow one could use the ‘Matrix button’ and slow things down to bullet time. Since that is how it appeared when I was being fragged every time. :( it was lag and my limping AGP rig. :) definitely not for my lack of skillz though!! it was the lag. omghax.

    @Dave and Joel: I started watching this season of 24 just so I could fully appreciate the 24 commentary on the podcast. Loltastic. Keep the 24 reviews coming! :)

  • Dave

    Deus Ex was truly the pinnacle. Stacking boxes to get in the back door of the Statue of Liberty was pretty fun. Also, swimming around in Hong Kong flooded tunnels and being attacked by coelacanth alligators on the way to find nanite tubes: A+

    I keep going back and forth on FEAR 2. I mean, sounds interesting, but like I said on the podcast, it kind of just makes me want to replay the first one. I’ll have to deal with the awful warehouse and sewer settings, but damn son, that AI was just so damn sweet.

  • Ryuu

    @ Joel: you need to go back down the elevator to the door to the nurses office and then use the computer in the office and that should activate a lift that lowers you into the facility.

  • TheManko

    I actually think that the second expansion to Fear (Perseus Mandate) is better than Fear 2. The story and acting is just horrible, but they added a bunch of new really tough enemies that make the combat even more awesome. I mean you have super ninjas that do backflips from walls just to throw portable turrets at you. The Perseus Mandate expansion just stepped up the action to the next level, while Fear 2 toned it down.

    Perseus Mandate has received a lot of flak mainly because the start of the game is horrible. The levels look awful, the acting is comically bad and the cut scenes are sleep inducing. But after a couple of levels it does become pretty awesome and the levels become much more varied than in Fear 1. The budget of the game is extremely low and it’s clearly not finished, but they had the right idea when they made it.

    I bought both Perseus Mandate and Extraction Point (the first expansion) and Perseus Mandate is much better than the first expansion which was just Fear 1 except much worse.