Show #289: Christian Bale, You Are Not Actually Batman


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This show also known as: This is a robot lion

Street Fighter IV, heard it was pretty good.

Music Selection: A hilarious typo with the lyrics to this song led me to believe the words were “takes nothing to realize YOUR Ken” which, instead of ‘you’re’, made me think it was this weird spiritual thing about everyone finding the little bit of Ken Masters inside themselves. I still prefer that interpretation.

Joel loves this man.

  • Onomarchus

    Thanks a lot for ruining the Ken Song for me. I always thought it was “your Ken.” Didn’t believe this senseless “you’re” until I checked the official thread for it on the OCRemix. We can’t all be Ken Masters–as if!–but we could have him inside all of us like the Holy Ghost.

  • Sugar-Chan

    This was definitely one of your better recent episodes. I could not stop laughing at the Christian Bale thing. PLUS, I actually know what games your talking about, and own one of them…although, I only play Puzzle Quest on the DS, but I imagine the experience is fairly similar…and I can’t beat the two-headed king of the ogres.

  • Gin

    Haha, did anyone else think that Guile’s knife looked more like a remote control?

    What does that say about me?

    Perhaps that is MY inner Ken.

  • That is his comb. He uses it in one of his win poses.

  • Ro

    In regards to Puzzle Quest:Galactrix, it’s alright. I’m only level 6, and I’m trying to still give this game the benefit of the doubt.

    I had to remove my screen protector because the game could not sense my touch when I would try to select what I wanted to do at each planet. It still has issues sensing what I wanted to do.

    The gameplay is a bit frustrating because I still need to figure out what how the gameboard moves when you complete a sequence of gems.

    You also have a limitation to how much “items/cargo” you can carry on your ship, so you either have to jettison them or sell them. You still need them to either complete a quest or craft items.

    You are also limited to just being a human guy or girl. There are no other classes to choose from in the beginning.

    Also “Hacking The Space Gate” is balls hard. I really wish the time limit would at least pause when your pieces chain.

    I’m still going to give this game more time before I give my final assessment, however I’m not liking it as much as I enjoyed the first.

  • The Joel

    I’ve had mixed success with the puzzles I’ve attempted to complete so far. I won’t be getting 100% in Puzzle Quest. It just isn’t that kind of game for me. I like puzzles and I hate giant rats. Everything else is just fluff.

  • I was able to play Joel for the first time today. He experienced the harshness of my one track minded Zangief and was then defeated by Dan. It was a Dan Ultra Combo Finish. I think other things might have happened, but that was the high point of it.

    Dave needs to hurry up and buy this game so he can be introduced to this DANIMAL.

  • Shax

    Don’t underestimate the geographical talent in your average gangster. Do YOU truly know where the East Side of most major American cities starts? Can you tell the difference between the man that’s runnin’ thangs in a particular district, and someone who’s just a busta with more money than sense? Do you turn to the Ghetto Disciples for dat schmoke, or is their major trade service, in fact, col’ murda? These are just the basics among basics when it comes to the spatial knowledge expected of your average ‘banger.

  • Dave

    Bitch, you don’t wanna see what happens when I unleash my Frankensteiner all over your shit.

    But alas, I just can’t justify buying fighting games when I don’t know anyone local who plays then. Soul Calibur 4 was a disaster for me. I played it for about three days before getting bored because I have no one to play with. Also, like I’ve said before, I could squeak by in SCIV without an arcade stick. The same is certainly not true of Street Fighter. I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon.

    On the topic of “da hood”, though, Graziella is quitting smoking and suggested we get “a loosey” after dinner. I said that our moderately upscale Brooklyn neighborhood probably doesn’t cater to that clientele. I remember coming home from school in Philly and buying looseys. Twenty five cents a pop when cigarettes were two dollars a pack. It was quite the lucrative business.