No Show This Week

No show this week. Maybe it’s because JOEL WENT TO HAWAII AND DIDN’T TELL ME. I’ve asked around for a couple people to see if they wanted to do anything, but nothing concrete yet and I’m feeling lazy anyway. So solly.

Summary of what week’s topics would’ve been:

Tales of Vesperia still awesome

  • Eric

    It’s all good. Everyone needs a break now and then. Tell Joel, “Book ’em, Danno.”

  • Ian

    You and Gooberzilla should review Joe Versus the Volcano OR Weekend at Bernies 2 in honor of the tropical adventure.

  • Cody

    Oh. Okay guys. Yeah, no show this week.

    *weeps in the corner*

  • Not that I expect it to happen, but you could always email me if you’re desperate for a cohost.

  • Loknar64

    Another DJ Dave episode would be cool.

  • Onomarchus

    I haven’t listened to this episode yet either.

  • Maybe upload an unedited version of the “HANABI” episode?

  • Dave

    Uh… you grossly exaggerate by using the word “edited” in reference to our podcast. If there’s anything missing from that episode, it’s probably all of ten seconds.

  • While I cannot offer any specific ideas for how to fill the empty bandwidth during Joel’s sojourn, allow me to throw out a term that just might steer this ship in the proper direction:

    Sexasaurus Rex

  • Devin

    its all good have you guys seen taken yet? Seems like the movie you would be interested in

  • Just record the episode as normal, but for Joel’s parts, just edit in the clip of “HE GON BROW UP” or “OOOH NO OOOOOH NOOO”.

  • Yah, it’s ‘k. … BABY BOMB!

  • Frenchman

    Perhaps a “clap” compilation

  • Kimichi Tsuzuku

    I think Joel needs to do some serious penance by watching:

    A) Tales of Phantasia OVA
    B) Jungle de Ikou
    C) Love Hina: Spring Special OVA
    D) Project A-Ko: Gray vs. Blue

    I would also suggest ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, ’50 First Dates’ or ‘Blades of Glory’ but those were probably his in-flight movies too.

  • BB

    I would like to point out that a person who claims to be a frenchman wants a “Clap” compilimation.

  • LOL @ BB.

    Regarding Joel’s alleged “Vacation”
    Did anyone warn Hawaii? :) *badum bump kshh*
    I hope Joel doesn’t punch someone saying “Mahalo” in a miscommunication about ‘Halo skillz’. Actually I lied. I do hope he punches that guy and shows those fools the true powahhhrr of the accelerated art of Fast Karate.

    bon voyage hannabi!

  • Jungle de Ikou! I was just trying to remember that name! Indeed they should review that immediately.

  • teejnam

    I agree with locknar 64, another dj dave episode would be great

  • Neokage

    I think it’s time to break out the “Jone’s Thanksgiving Soda Variety Pack” again. Greet Joel at the airport with a case.

  • xblackmacgyver

    yeah, this would have been the week to do the “best of” podcast. But i guess someone was feeling lazy. so o well.

  • Sean Hiruki

    Joel you dick. At least tell your friends where your going, dude.

  • Kimichi Tsuzuku

    Ooo… guess what I saw.

    Limited Edition Jones Soda ‘Love Potion No.9’
    (A Co-worker’s MySpace-stalker gave her a six-pack.)

    And there’s always:

    Or maybe Joel will feel the urge towards harikiri and buy one of the $30 giant boxes of pinapple Pocky they had at Hilo Hattie’s when I was there.

  • Frenchman

    Didn’t Joel rent Mirror’s Edge?

  • Onomarchus

    DJ Dave is a great idea, but I’ve got a better one.

    Two words: Shipping News

  • Hoth

    A weeklong trip to Hawaii doesn’t seem like something you ‘forget’ to tell your ‘friends’ about. Poor form Joel. Poor form. ;)

  • Dave

    Some of you motherfuckers need to chillax.

  • Fast karate withdrawl appears to be an acute condition. A frighteningly acute one.
    Nonetheless, I hope joel has a nice holiday.

  • Perfect Wrath

    Ah, Tales of Vesperia. Yet another reason I regret wasting money on Last Remnant.

  • dave: you gotta hook me up man. i got deez two cheezburgers man!!