• Calcaneus

    Nice, the redone RSS feed finally gets it to work on my PSP’s RSS reader.

    And Dubaku: Playa Extraordiare is probably the best end to a episode this season.

  • The first episodes I listened to of your show were the two for Doomed Megalopolis. I watched that show when I was first getting into anime back in high school. I was surprised that someone else had seen it. Until this point, I’d never known of anyone else that had (or at least anyone that will admit to it).

    Because those two episodes basically introduced me to the podcast, I feel that it’s my duty in life to tell you that there is a LIVE ACTION MOVIE!

    Maybe you already knew about it. ADV is rereleasing it on the 17th. I was going to watch it for my show, but I feel that you guys could do a better job.

  • Colonel John Sessler, USAF

    Dear sirs:

    As a mission commander for NASA with three spaceflights and 3,500 hours of total flight experience, I must take exception to your recent jokes at the expense of my profession. I know you boys mean it all in good fun, but this juvenile humor is done at the expense of billions of taxpayer dollars, countless hours of research and development, and immeasurable advancements in virtually all scientific and engineering fields. Many things you take for granted in your daily lives have been made better through the work of astronauts such as myself, and it seems a little disingenuous to make fun of us for a simple bodily function we’ve found a practical solution for- particularly since you’ve done it TWICE in as many episodes. Please, before you make your next “astronaut diaper” joke, spare a thought for the hard-working men and women who have dedicated ohhhh oh god urrrrrghh oh no pfffftplrplllprrrpllplp