Show #283: This, I Will Abide.


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This show also known as: He Was A Retarded Vampire?

We take a brief break from 24 to talk about how great Tales of Vesperia is. Then… we talk about 24 some more.

Music Selection: 24 Music Is Weird.


  • Allow me to introduce you to the joys of prawn soda.

  • Hope you are excited something is going to be coming out with a mention to this site that will probably multiply the listener base by probably a million so just wait for it in anticipation and cry at the ensuing results!

  • Nick

    ^^^ Oh hey! I read your webcomic. Keep up the good work dood.

  • No Joke You Said “It Finally Came On Me” That Was So Epic Haha I Don’t Even Know How You Could Brush That Off. And Gears Of War 2 Is What Came On You There Must Be A Ton Of Worm Guts And Blood That Went Along With It.

  • DensityDuck


  • Kamon


  • Sean Hiruki

    Vesperia IS a great game.
    Now onto more 24

  • Calm Horizons

    There seems to be a syntax error in the feedburner RSS that causes iTunes to fail when it tries to update the podcast; is there anything you guys can do about this?

  • Dave

    If I knew what the problem was, I would gladly fix it. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.

  • Gotta give props to Dave for the KOF references he manages to make on this podcast. If Street Fighter and KOF were brothers, KOF is the little brother who achieves so much, but no matter his achievements, his parents only pay attention to the popularity of the older brother… yeah, it’s just like that.

  • Calm Horizons

    I’ve been looking into it, and it looks as though the podcast feed’s XML is malformed. The tags for a couple of the latest podcasts have been left unclosed; check out the w3 validator against your XML for a for a quick overview. If you fixed this it would probably fix the update issues.

  • Calm Horizons

    Sorry for the multiple posts; they didn’t show up when I posted the first time so I figured it wasn’t happy with my inclusion of links :S

  • Frenchman

    Aww damn, the iTunes link works