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This show also known as: Appreciates non-standard bust configurations.

Biohunter is somewhere between Demon City Shinjuku and Wicked City.

Music Selection: Biohunter may have had 80s music. But Wicked City had something on it: MY DAAAAAAAAAAHLIIIIIIIIIIIING.

This spot was supposed to be a GIF of Redheaded Guile crushing a crystal ball. But Joel did not deliver. So here’s a mouth-boob.

  • adam a

    minilla reminds me of mille vanille

    which reminds me of this:

    which leads straight to your rapper dream.

    In India, 2 + 2 = 5

  • The Joel

    Work sucked this week. Didn’t even remember I was supposed to deliver a gif.

  • I think you guys’ feed is broken.

  • Oh damn, now you guys got Bio-Hunter too. I was gonna do this for my show a few months ago and just never got around to it.

    p.s. I’m still laughing about Hanabi browing up.

  • What happened to your i-tunes feed?

  • VZ

    Ha ha. I remember when they played this on Encore Action like ten years ago.

    Well now you’re running out of Kawajiri directed anime.

    BTW I bought Iria based on your review and I quite enjoyed it.

  • Ian

    Nice. I remember Bio-Hunter just another Action Network classic from back in the early oughts.

  • Kevin

    The zune feed is there it just keeps pulling the wrong title info

  • Kidder

    I was just browsing through the archives and happened across the Total Recall episode (my joint favourite episode with the Wild Zero ep). Seems that someone left a comment on it very recently and they were none too impressed with your comical stylings…

  • Frenchman

    I gave up on he Zune feed. I just use iTunes, which I never uninstalled since the last time I bought an iPod, to fetch my podcasts. It’s easier to navigate through my podcasts with iTunes than the Zune media thing. Not the most effective way, but it works.

  • Tommy d

    itunes is never the answer. I feel that this anime has once again taught us to “Stay away from the bittie parts!”