Show #279: Car Two Takes Car of Car Two!


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This show also known as: Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend.

After a brief period of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 it turns into time for BAOH.

Music Selection: NOW YOU’RE A MOYLE.

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  • It’s about fucking time.

  • Thank goodness. I myself recorded my Baoh review quite some time ago, but the anti-Baoh contingent of the AWO (Gerald and Clarissa) are conspiring to prevent it from ever being released.

    But mark my words: they might be able to delay Baoh for a month or two, but they can’t keep him down. He’s got a laser cannon.

  • Every frame of that (slowly loading) gif just gets better and better. Its like a self-improving image.

  • Oh guys. Don’t listen to what Anime World Order has to say about anything, whether it be Baoh or Bubblegum Crisis. They’re such otaku elitists.

    I listened to that show like twice, and all I heard was, “Waaahh!!! Why do they have to dub everything?! Waaahh!!! These DVDs would be so much cheaper if they were marketed to a much smaller demographic of people who prefer subtitles! Waaaahh!!!! Change my diaper! Waaaahh!!!”

  • OK, sir, you have insulted capoeira for the last time! Circle up…it’s time to teach you a lesson.

    Banana Way!

  • Let’s not forget that a few years before Only The Strong came out, the film Lambada also brought another Brazilian dance to American audiences. Except this time the role which would have gone to Mark Dacascos is played by J. Eddie Peck and the role of Stacey Travis is played by none other than Melora Hardin, The Office’s Jan Levinson… Oh, yeah, and Baoh is awesome… in its own way.

  • Dave

    Banana way?

    Don’t make me break out my ZUN ZUN ZUN.

  • Neil: Yeah, fuck those AWO jerks! And the fact that more and more series are being released in collected sets instead of one DVD at a time. And the titles which have limited appeal are being done sub-only to keep the price low. THE TERRORISTS ARE WINNING!

    Really though, all Dave needs to do in order to understand why I think 2040 isn’t worth my time is re-listen to what he said at the start of this podcast and count how many times he said “BGC 2040 is okay.” That’s precisely the problem: IT’S JUST OKAY.

    I don’t have time for just okay. I want amazingly good or amazingly terrible/stupid, if not both simultaneously, and 2040 just isn’t that good or that awful. As such, the fact that Bubblegum Crash! is amazingly stupid beats out the fact that Bubblegum Crisis 2040 is average at best. And I don’t even like Bubblegum Crash! enough to own it.

    Nostalgia doesn’t factor into this one single bit.

  • I wasn’t necessarily calling you guys jerks. I was recalling my last experience listening to your program, in which you seem to have a very negative outlook on the American anime industry, which doesn’t necessarily exist for the benefit of someone who wants sub-only releases, anyway.

    To be fair, I haven’t listened to you guys in a very long time, but the bulk of what I can remember from it is just you guys bashing the dub industry, and it got old. So, when Dave comments that you guys had something negative to say, my reaction was, “Oh, there’s a news flash.”

    And yes, I’m well aware that low-profile releases are released sub-only for the equally low-profile sub-only market. The latter two shows from Robotech are sold this way. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that. If the companies releasing this stuff can make an easy buck that way, then go for it.

    On the other hand, my biggest pet peeve with the sub-only fan base is that they complain that the localization and dub market exists, because makes it difficult for them to afford anime that wasn’t necessarily marketed to them in the first place.

    Although, that’s not nearly as annoying as the ones who treat anime as though it’s high class art and that dubbing somehow destroys the artistic integrity of the piece.

  • aj

    Nothing could be worse than the dubbing in green green. I watched it 3 different places and kept thinking “no, it has to be a horrible horrible fan dub…oh, it isn’t…”