Show #278: EY WOT U GITS.


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This show also known as: Shit sucks all the time. Because it’s War. And it’s in Space.

Why would anyone talk about Dawn of War at the beginning of 2009? Maybe it’s because JOEL’S SHITTY CELLPHONE MAKES HIS RECORDING BUZZ LIKE CRAZY SO THANKS.

Music Selection: They fought for love.

This show is about:

Space Marine Metal Bands.

  • I got a box of Count Chocula for Christmas. I can’t wait to start AND finish eating it this Saturday.

  • Jordan

    About that rat problem. If you put peanut butter with the cheese the stickiness of the peanut butter will help get more of the rats.

  • Dave

    I appreciate the advice, but unfortunately we’re already past that phase. Even with peanut butter they somehow manage to get it all without setting off the trap. These are the smartest mice in the universe.

    However, one got caught yesterday and I think it’s been all quiet on the rat-front since then. Maybe we’re safe… FOR NOW.


  • You really want to take care of the mouse problem. I recommend a 16 gauge with a sawed off barrel.

  • Peter

    The eye can see more than 30 frames per seconds. I’m kind of surprised that huge nerds (you) that are older than me don’t know that. Did you never notice a difference in speed between Ninja Gaiden on the xbox and Halo? I did a quick search and dubious sites that claim to have research behind them say that if you really focus on something the eye can see even more than 60 fps.

    Of course if you’re using a LCD tv it might be impossible for it to render 60 fps, so that might make it hard for you to notice a difference.