Show #277: We Name Him HANABI.


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This show also known as: Bitch your head just blew up.

This show also also known as: DIDN’T YOU KNOW IT WAS ME?!

This show also also ALSO known as: Oh shit, they have a TIME MACHINE.

Wrath of the Ninja might be the predecessor to Ninja Scroll.

Music Selection: They fought for love.

This show is about:


    I am so glad no one was at my work tonight cause they would have been wondering why the crazy ass guard laughing so hard. Seriously good show I hope you never run out of retarded anime.

  • Nice episode guys. Is it ok if I play one of your promos in my podcast?

  • I could stop laughing. Great episode.

  • Hoth

    While I’m sure that Japanese pound you in the ass prison is no less demeaning than American pound you in the ass prison it’s probably much less painful.

  • Lus

    I have to stop listening to you guys at work. Everyone thinks I’m insane, because I was keeling over laughing at Joel’s voice going on about silkworms.

  • Dave

    “it’s probably much less painful.”


  • Edifolco25

    The whole bit about “We named him HANABI…” I was laughing so hard at work I completely had to stop what I was doing. This was an awesome episode, definitely a must listen.

  • Kenshin

    Damn the whole Commando bit was hilarious. I love how you worked that in with the ending of this show. Not too many people get that joke or would remember the ending song for commando. Just classic as hell.

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