Show #276: Little Toshi, Mini-Helicopter Pilot.


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This show also known as: Everybody In The Worm!

I guess we talk about Street Fighter 2, even though neither of us has played the HD Remix yet.

Music Selection: Shit, I wish I could play an organ.

This show is about:

Tigers. You should punch them.

  • Kamon

    I’ve played the HD Remix on my buddy’s PS3. It’s pretty much like you’d anticipate it to be. One thing about it though is that the difficulty scales up pretty quickly as you progress in matches. By about halfway through a “world tour,” it starts getting pretty friggin’ hard. I’ve not been able to beat it yet.

  • Root Beer King

    That yo-yo dawg picture is the BEST picture EVER! My fuck, I laughed for like 5 minutes, tears and all. Thank you for mentioning such a wonderful thing. It MADE my New Year’s Eve!

  • Sub

    I figured I would play through HD Remix on Easy to just get to Akuma, get that achievement out of the way, you know? So I breezed the game with no continues and all that, got to Akuma, and they CRANK UP THE AI TO ULTRA HARD. The bastard is obscenely strong, and it took me two hours of getting completely crushed to beat him. Goddamn game.

  • Mark

    Thumbs up on the Resistance 2 hate/meh/apathy/boredom.

    That game is some right monkey shit. But don’t you change your mind, I’m counting on you here, Dave!

  • Morio-Kun


  • Morio-Kun

    Oops, the link didn’t work.