• Dave, I think you really did experience the power of Capoeira… much like Neo in The Matrix, you’d been injected with Portuguese! But, I guess what I was implying is that your pronunciation was pretty good considering you don’t speak the language. On a related note, I remember playing RE4 and thinking that even though the villagers sounded pretty good, Saddler had the most clichéd Hispanic accent ever. And yes, the clunky controls were pretty scary on the PS2 version, especially since aiming at the “Plagas” in the beginning with the whipping claws, were really hard to kill with one shot.

  • Ian

    Dom, that reminds me I need to watch Smokey and the Bandit II.

  • So does RE5 have a midget dressed as Louis XIV?

  • Dave

    Are you kidding? Why would they put that in the demo? That’s FULL RELEASE material.

  • The Joel

    I feel like Resident Evil has never really upped the ante after Code Veronica. The villain crossed dressed as the real villain who was his sister. That’s crazy!

  • Tommy d

    Wow, you guys really are “urban” what kinda man doesnt know about a leatherman. That shark saw is a cross cut saw blade. also i’m half mexican and sometimes i think spanish is partially gibberish.

  • xblackmacgyver

    you cant call them urban when they at least have some knowledge of the tanning process : also, it should now be a requirement to somehow mention or relate something to a boomer in almost every episode. cause you always manage to do it.