Show #270: He’s Probably Rapin’ The Babies


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This show also known as: Narrative Narrative

Looks like we were wrong. Game journalists on the internet are pretentious, and they TOTALLY suckered us into talking about it. Also, apparently our forums sum up our feelings on current videogames. ALSO, also, please read The New Gamer article I wrote about Valkyria Chronicles.

Also there would be ten more minutes of this podcast (re: Left 4 Dead) if Joel didn’t STOP RECORDING when I TOLD HIM TO STOP RECORDING. Come on, Joel!

Music Selection: Thanks Ludacris. In the field of rappers giving videogames prop, I think there are few who spit a line as fresh as Del The Funky Homosapien. “RPGs, Platforms, We Transform Like Macross”? I’m down. Too bad I didn’t just use that song.

This show is about:

Game Journalists, You Make Me So Angry I Gotta Think About Kittens To Calm Down Again.

  • Cody

    I have benefited greatly from listening to this podcast but never so much as when I heard about my now favorite word. Ludonarrative. I now have a play list filled with game music appropriately called ludonarrative. I’ve even added to my computer’s dictionary. It’s been a good day.

  • Fake_Brasilian

    Read some of your articles for the first time, and I must say that your MGS4 article was an awesome read. Fantastic site, of which I will be bookmarking.

  • Did Joel just diss Charles Darwin?

  • blackmacgyver

    clotheslining ludacris for saying half of his own name? shit was so pringles.

  • The Joel

    I was talking about Jean-Baptiste Chevalier de Lamarck. I couldn’t remember his name. My characterization of him is based largely on what my high school biology teacher thought of him. It’s probably pretty unfair and uninformed.

    Here’s a link.

  • I would definatlly pay 10 dollars and enter a rafle like that.

  • Frenchman

    Well to be fair to Lamarck, he came up with his coherent theory of evolution with the absence of fossils or them finches Darwin’s always bragging about. Before him, people thought we came from dirt or something. Nevertheless, spontaneous generation is some ol bullshit.

  • Aahhh, okay. Yeah, I didn’t think creationism really suited the philosophy of Fast Karate. After all, we know our purpose in life is to defeat those evil dinosaurs. By the way, you hinted at Order of Ecclesia here and there, so when is the podcast about that coming?

  • Robot Hitler is OK, but have you ever had to fight Grizzly Bear Hitler?

  • Dave


    I’ll leave it at that.

  • Ryuu

    i have $10 i would donate! though it looks like at this rate you will have about $20

  • DannyRand

    I would gladly pay you $10 today for a PS3 tuesday.

  • I’d send in 10$~ (Now here’s hoping this comment goes through unlike every other comment I have ever tried to leave… exceot possibly that one time on the Boogie Pop podcast).

  • David

    Haven’t you gotten review/contest stuff from companies before? Maybe that would make it more interesting for Sega. “THESE guys thought we were big enough.”

    Also, I’d probably donate $10, although I don’t expect you to go through with the hassle of international shipping. It just sounds like a fun thing to do.

  • Great show as usual guys. I would kind of like to ask for a quick (VG) or (Cartoon) before the shows description, but then again I might miss something rad when I accidently tumble into the scary world of 80s anime.

  • Dave

    If you want to avoid one or the other, Tuesdays are videogames and Saturdays are animes (barring the rare exception).

  • Kelly

    For such a worthy cause, I’d happily donate $10, maybe even $20.

  • DensityDuck

    Or you could just MAN THE FREAK UP and listen to every episode.

  • DanUK

    Yeah, I’d donate $10 American dollar that’s like £2 Great British pounds or something.

  • deletor007

    Never before in my short lifespan of 18 years have I encountered something as fantasterific as your podcast! It is the perfect combination of video games, anime, and everything triple chocolate coated and cream filled in this world!Keep up the excellent work!

  • I think there’s already exists a word for Ludonarrative, it;s called the gambler’s fallacy.

    Gamblers are stupid. The coin toss is independent every time. Ignore the past coin tosses, dummy.

  • Dude wtf?

    I’m not a game journalist… get your story straight fellas.

  • Oh and STADY… wtf? ludonarrative – say what you want about the utility of the word – is just not even close to the same thing as the gambler’s fallacy. Did you even read the material?

  • oh, and STADY

    wtf? the term ‘ludonarrative’ has nothing whatsoever to do with the gambler’s fallacy. Did you even read the material?

  • Who’s Clint?

  • I came back because Google Webmaster Tools suddenly started showing nofollow links. LOL

    So yeah, I don’t know what’s up what that. Maybe I misunderstood the explanation on the podcast and/or the article I read those many years ago. But yeah, Gambler’s Fallacy has nothing to do with that.

    Sorry dog!