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This show also known as: E. Honda: Can’t Shoot Fire, Is A Huge Target For People Who CAN Shoot Fire.

Street Fighter II: The Movie is basically the gayest anime show that doesn’t have actual gay people in it.


This show is about:

Extraneous Thanksgiving (full gallery)

  • Dude, if you think the movie is gay, check out the Street Fighter 2V animated series. Also, that Rein show by Peter Chung. Or the last segment of the Animatrix.

  • infamousjeff

    Holy crap that picture of the alien being pulled out of your mouth is amazing! You only needed a fork eh?
    Street Fighter 2 brings me back 16 years to when a quarter would last for an hour or so as people would line up their quarters on the machine to play me. I was the ultimate original SF2 griefer/cheeser. I was well known for my “ankle kick” prowess. And I also remember the guys who were much older than I, college age perhaps, playing me and referring to Guile as “Gully”. A good friend of mine during those days was a Vietnamese kid who was known as “Rooster”. I never learned his real name but apparantly he got the nickname because he used to chase them back when he was a toddler in Vietnam. Needless to say if the two of us were together “hustling” aforementioned opponents for $5, Rooster would routinely be accused of cheating “since yer daddy prolly made the damn game! Gully rulz!”. Well they may not have said that last part but in my memory they did. :) Sorry for the blog post comment. I drank a red bull. Blame the bull!

  • Calcaneus

    E.Honda is the definition of a beast, has the hundred hand slaps. If any shoto is dumb enough not to keep him at bay its over. I’ve confirmed this strategy through HD Remix play.

  • Sean

    Ah, good movie. Poor E. Honda. All he can do is cook for Ryu and smash things.
    Guile and Chun-Li are my two favorite SF characters.
    You guys forgot to mention Ken’s second driving song: “Them Bones” by Alice in Chains.

    As for the thanks giving pictures, The Turkey…Looks amazing. I am filled with envy for Extraneous Thanksgiving.

  • Sub

    Yeah, Ryu and Ken were pretty gay all through the latter part of the 90s, but the TV series really takes the cake. It’s also a piece of shit and you should never actually watch it.

    If you want to buy a 360 stick to play HD Remix on, by the way, keep in mind that that stick will also work on your PC, and while the fighting game selection on the 360 is kind of middling, you always have the MAME fighting game catalog and stuff like Melty Blood on the PC.

  • The Joel

    Let it be known far and wide that I do not support the use of Ken and Ryu …. well mostly just Ken. SF3 has taught me to hate him so bad.

    Back when SF2 was new, E. Honda was my main man. As a fat kid, I felt like I too could someday compete in an illicit fighting tournament.

  • I’m sorry but Yu-Gi-Oh!GX is still the gayest anime out there that doesn’t feature a gay couple.

    Great podcast by the way.

  • Testify The Joel, testify!