Show #265: Thanks For The Buff!


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This show also known as: They Herd Tanks

This show is about everything important that’s happening in your life right now.

Music Selection: Joel mentioned Commando. Quite frankly, that’s all you need.

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  • MechaZawa

    I read the spider drawing payment hilarity last week, and I feel that this maybe internet phenomenon gone mad, due to the speed at which this was monetized, soliciting ridiculous ebay bids and the ever present witty-t-shirts.

    BTW Fast karate t-shirts this is the internet and the internet demands T-shirts of all things.

  • MechaZawa

    Spider drawings,The speed at which this internet phenomena was monetized was ridiculous, I read it last week and it’s already up to the ever present witty internet t-shirt stage, as well as ridiculous ebay sales.
    which should really be an internet phenomena in itself

    It just goes when your comedy gif/catchphrase/youtube moment comes you got to make the most of it.

  • Hey guys, first time leaving a comment here. Of all the podcasts I’ve had suggested to me by people, yours is the only one worth listening to. Thanks for keeping me laughing.

    And for suggesting a ton of awesomely bad 80’s anime for me to watch!

  • i’m sure you’ve answered this a hundred times and its probably annoying but: i’ve been listening to back episodes lately and i noticed that the podcast hasn’t always been called fast karate. where did fast karate for the gentlemen this name come from?

  • @fightbait: Those words you typed(not name) came from the center of the earth where Dave, and Joel live in their secret HQ, with the help of Cogswell Pepperbox(Pepperbottom?) they fight the ongoing war against the dinosaur.

    “Fast Karate for the Gentlemen” is not a name or a podcast. It’s a way of life. A philosophy that is congruent with all that is awesome. Hrm let me break it down: Buddhists all wish to be in the 90s band Nirvana.
    This is why they learn Kung Pao in Panda Express Temples. And that is where General Tau resides with his chicken recipes.

  • oh i see. it all makes sense now. i feel like i should’ve just known that. thank you jeff. truly, you are a man amongst boys.

  • DanUK

    did someone just say Zombie Nazis, daveandjoel retroactively change the past from the future again