Show #263: Cotton Candy, Dude!


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This show also known as: And the first chamber’s only tickling.

How convenient for us that the last episode of Bubblegum Crisis is a NENE episode.

Music Selection: SWEAT RUNNING DOWN MY HEART. DON’T WANNA SAY GIVE UP! (it’s the whole song, you know how I do)

This show is about:

Beautiful Dream Island

  • DannyRand

    Best podcast on the enertron? those things that heal you in Chrono Trigger?

  • Scoop Chase is my favourite of the various Bubblegum Crises. So scoop me.

  • This podcast made me feel rested. But I was still hungry.

  • Tommy d

    don’t forget about Pepe’s beef and burrito hour!

  • Sean

    Noo! The last Bubblegum Crisis! What well become of the podcast, Post- Cyber City and Post-Bubblegum Crisis?

    Funny as hell guys.

  • Twitch

    Well, I guess you guys will finally have to get to reviewing the rest of Mad Bull now!

  • Tim

    I had always heard the name ‘Bubblegum crisis’ was a reference to the ‘bubblegum’ pop stars who lasted a week before being utterly forgotten, like how no one ever seemed to remember the horrible devastation the Boomers caused ‘just last week’.